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10 Food Habits every Bride to be must have

10 Food Habits every Bride to be must have

Nutritionist Sonia Narang gives 10 useful diet tips that will ensure you look your fittest on your big day! 

1.      To make your sandwiches low in calories, use mustard oil instead of mayonnaise on your breads. It will give you get lots of flavor with much fewer calories and fat.

2.      Eat whole wheat bread instead of white bread and be sure to read the label to make sure that you are getting whole grains, not just colored white bread.

3.      Chicken is lower in fat than dark meat, red meat and pork. Animal fat is the best dietary source of unhealthy saturated fat.

4.      Cooking methods needs to change. Don’t fry your meals, instead bake, grill or broil them. Use non-stick pans instead of oil.

5.      Don't drink calories. Eat an orange instead of drinking a glass of juice. Avoid packaged juices, as they contain just sugar.

6.      Reduce the amount of soda you drink and replace it with herbal tea or water. Drink more water. Have at least 8-10 glass of water in a day.

7.      Switch to skim milk gradually. As, milk comes in four varieties: whole (4% fat), 2%, 1% and skim (0% fat). Wean yourself from the higher-fat varieties to the lower fat milk every two weeks.

8.      Start taking fat free cheeses from full fat cheeses to reduce fat.

9.      Keep sauces and dressings on the side to serve. Dip your fork into the sauce, and then dip your fork into the food. You’ll still have the flavor but with fewer calories. Have vegetables on instead of fries. Flavor them with lemon juice instead of butter.

10.  Take snacks of fruit and nuts in spite of sugary treats. As, the protein, fiber and fats present in this combo will nourish you till your next meal and you won’t get slump after eating. 

So, reduce your portion size. As, mostly people will eat whatever amount of food is in front of them, so start putting your meals on smaller plates.


Image Courtesy: Anita Dongre