TLFMagazine -10 times the Kardashian Sisters inspired us to Travel

10 times the Kardashian Sisters inspired us to Travel

10 times the Kardashian Sisters inspired us to Travel

All photographs credit: Instagram

The sisters have been exploring the world the way they do best, with passion and glamour. Lately we have seen them on several trips to luxe locations, from St. Tropez and Egypt, to Japan and the Turks and Caicos...

1. Who wouldn’t dream of staying in an airstream, the eldest Kardashian sister and her boy friend took a mini road trip up the Malibu coast, where they stayed in an airstream trailer with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

2. The very fit mother of three showing us her skills at paddle boarding somewhere in Turks and Caicos.

3. The sisters who travel together stay together, don’t you think? All three of them travelled to Japan recently for work and pleasure.

4. The very pregnant khloe has no issues traveling around the world and looked her best. Exploring Bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan.

5. You haven’t travelled at all if you haven’t embraced the culture, art and life in different parts of the world, Khloe feels the same...holidaying in Cuba.

6. The younger sisters aren’t far behind when it comes to travel, the adventurous Kendel went sky diving and it just made our adrenaline rush.

7. Oh yes, with a view like that we would take a dip too. .

8. The youngest sure knows how to cruise around. We are drooling over the island’s beauty.

9. Traveling with your besties and visiting some of the cutest animals in the world makes for the best kind of holidays, wouldn’t you agree with us?

10. This is definitely the best location to have a cuppa and the cute outfit just added some colour to the beautiful background.