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11 Things to do in Tunisia

11 Things to do in Tunisia

By Himank Negi

Tunisia! A small country in the continent of Africa has grabbed eye balls during this year’s football world cup where they gave a prolific and a gutsy performance against a well balanced and strong English side. Even though they lost the game, but the fight shown was commendable. Here is the list of must do’s in the country of Tunisia:

1. El Djem Amphitheater : The walls of the mighty Roman amphitheater of El Djem dwarf the surrounding modern town. This incredibly well preserved Roman relic is Tunisia's big sightseeing highlight and one of the best examples of amphitheater architecture left standing in the world, reminding of Rome's once grand grip across North Africa. You can still walk the corridors under the arena, just like the gladiators did. Or, climb up to the top seating tiers and sit staring across the arena, imagining the battles that took place below.
Address :  Thysdrus,El Jem, Tunisia
How To Reach :  2 H 15 M Drive From Tunis
For Tickets : Click Here
Staying Options :  
Hotel Julius, El Djem
El Jem, Tunisia/+216 73 631 007
El Jem is located in the heart of the Sahel region. Its impressive amphitheater is the jewel in the rich ancient city of Thysdrus

2. Djerba : If you're looking for the perfect beach escape, then the island of Djerba checks all the boxes. The island town of Houmt Souk is the main point of interest off the beach, with an old town district that is a pool of whitewashed houses where hopping is an attraction in itself, with plenty of handicraft vendors to choose from. But it's those strips of sand on the shoreline out of town that are the island's major highlight. Clean and trimmed by date palms, the beaches are relaxing, get-away.
Address : Island Of Tunisia
How To Reach : 3 hours Drive From Tunis
Staying Options :  
Avenue Hédi Nouira
Ariana, Tunisia/+216 72 280 177
This luxury hotel is located directly on the beach in Djerba. It offers fitness and spa facilities, including an outdoor sea-water pool, a hammam and a hot tub.

3. Carthage : Once Rome's major rival, Carthage is a city of the seafaring Phoenicians forever remembered for the Punic Wars. The aerosphere ruins of this ancient town now sit beside the sea amid the suburbs of Tunis, a warning that even the greatest cities can be reduced to rubble. The ruins are extensive but spread out. Carthage is an underwhelming at first but these sites are hugely important in the history, and any tourist interested in North Africa's history must visit here.
Address : Byrsa Hill, Eastern Side Of The Lake Of Tunis, Tunis, Tunisia
Tickets : INR 290
Timings : 9:00 AM To 5 PM
How To Reach :  21-minute Drive from Tunis 
Staying Options :
Villa Carthage
Carthage Maalga, Lotissement Ben Kémla, Tunisia/ +216 52 192 086
Offering an outdoor pool and a restaurant, Villa Carthage is located in Carthage. Free WiFi access is available. Each room here will provide you with a TV, air conditioning and satellite channels.

4. The National Bardo Museum : Even non-museum fans can't fail to be impressed at the massive trail of beautiful mosaics placed inside the Bardo. This is one of North Africa's top museums, and it houses one of the world's most important mosaic collections, all crafted beautifully. It's a showcase of the glittering, complex artistry of the Roman and Byzantine eras, with pieces hand-picked from every major archaeological site in Tunisia. If you have a day in Tunisia's capital, Tunis, this museum is a must visit.
Address : P7, Tunis, Tunisia
Timings : 9:00 AM To 5:00 PM (Open All Days)
Tickets : INR 290 
Staying Options : 
La Maison Blanche Hotel
45, Avenue Mohamed V, Tunis 1002, Tunisia/+216 71 904 444
In the central business district is the only boutique hotel in Tunis. Combining luxury, comfort and refinement, the hotel La Maison Blanche is an exceptional stopover

5. Sidi Bou Said : Impossibly cute, and amazingly photogenic, Sidi Bou Said is a clifftop village of petite dimensions that seem to have fallen off an artist's canvas. Unsurprisingly, artists have feted this little hamlet for decades. The whitewashed alleyways, wrought-iron window frames, and colourful blue doors are Tunisian village architecture at their finest, while the Mediterranean backdrop is the cherry on top. This is a place to while away a lazy afternoon, simply soaking up the laid-back atmosphere and maybe indulging in a spot of shopping at one of the many local artisan and handicraft stalls.
Address :  A town in Northern Tunisia located about 20 km from the capital, Tunis.
How To Get There :  23-minute drive From Tunis
Staying Options : 
La villa Bleue
68 rue Kennedy، Sidi Bou Said 2026, Tunisia/+216 71 742 000
This chic, Moroccan-inspired hotel, set on the Gulf of Tunis, is a 9-minute walk from Ennejma Ezzahra palace and museum, 3 km from Carthage amphitheatre. 

6. Bulla Regia : Tunisia has no shortage of Roman ruins, but Bulla Regia near Tabarka is the country's most interesting and attractive site. Here, the Roman inhabitants coped with the harsh summer climate by innovatively building their villas underground, which has left the city houses well preserved. For the lovers of Roman history this is a great opportunity to walk through actual Roman houses, with their walls still intact. It's a sight of the residential life of the ancient world that one doesn’t experience often.
Address : Jendouba Governorate,Tunisia
How to get there : 3 hourdrive from the centre
Staying Options In Tabarka :
Hotel Sentido Tabarka Beach
+216 78 672 100
The 5-star Sentido Tabarka Beach Hotel lies within 45 km from Bulla Regia. Sentido Tabarka Beach Hotel overlooks forests and a grove and provides quick access to a sandy beach.

7. Kairouan : With mosques, madrassas, and tombs, Kairouan has a lot of monuments and is the fourth most important city for those of the Muslim faith. The Arabic architecture here is truly motivating, and is full of skinny minarets and bulky domes. But it's probably the backdrop of the city's medina that is the main highlight. With narrow, maze-like lanes lined with collapsing colorful houses, Kairouan's old town has an enchanting, lost-in-time aerosphere that is an important highlight for visiting here.
Address : Northern Tunisia
How To Get There : three and a half hour drive from the centre
Staying Options : 
La Kasbah Hotel
Rue de La Kasbah Kairouan TN 3140, Rue Sidi Abdelkader, Kairouan, Tunisia/ +216 77 237 301
This upscale hotel, set in the traditional central quarter of the holy city of Kairouan, lies an 8-minute walk from Great Mosque of Kairouan.

8. Sousse Medina : Overshadowed by the grand fortifications like Ribat and Kasbah, the medina in Sousse just wishes to be explored. This lovely old town district is a warren of coiled lanes, filled by whitewashed houses, and a shopping paradise with an appealing selection of ceramics, leatherwork, and metalwork on display. Away from the stalls along the busy and hustling streets, the quietness in the back corridors allow you to jump into the sample local lives. 
Address : Sousse, Tunisia
Timings :  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Staying Options : 
Moevenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse
Boulevard Du 14 Janvier 114, Sousse, 4039, Tunisia
Overlooking the Gulf of Hammamet, Moevenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse is a perfect getaway for a memorable holiday experience. This lavish property is reachable in a 25-minutes drive from Monastir Habib Bourguiba Airport while the famous Sousse Ribat

9. Chott el Djerid : The moonscape neighbouring of the Chott el Djerid is a panorama brought to life; filled with glittering mirages on the horizon and jigsaw puzzle pieces of white cracked land under foot. The salt pan is a barren and otherworldly scene that woo’s all who visit with its stark and brutal beauty. A trip here proves that nature produces such unusual landscapes than one could ever imagine.
Address : Touzer (Desert Town), Sahara of Southern Tunisia
How to get there : Half And Hour Drive From The Centre
Staying Options In Touzer :
Hotel Dar touzer 
Entre Tozeur y Blidet, Tozeur 2200, Tunisia
Dar Tozeur is situated by many narrow streets of the médina.This Guest House contains all the essentials of a normal traditional house. It is made of bricks which are mixed with sand and argil around a patio which provides a shadow. The terrace offers a panoramic view on the town and as far as Shot el Jerid.

10. Hammamet : Hammamet is all about the beach. It is Tunisia's top resort; a beautiful place filled with sparkling white buildings set beside a bright blue sea. The relaxed atmosphere of this town attract who all  want to have a sunbathe on the soft, white sand, with off-the-beach party palces and also has a shopping paradise in the old town. It's a no stress kind of place that sums up the pleasures of Tunisia in one pretty package.
Address : A town in Tunisia,Tunis
Staying Options :
The Russelior Hotel & Spa
BP 76, Yasmine Hammamet 8040, Tunisia/ +216 72 245 000
Offering a private beach, this 5-star hotel features 2 swimming pools, a spa with hammam and guest rooms with a terrace overlooking the garden.

11. Monastir Ribat : One of Tunisia's most photographed buildings and a film star to boot, the Ribat in Monastir is an exceptionally well-preserved fort. The Ribat was originally part of a group of forts protecting the coastline, but today is one of the few still standing. Its defensive purposes have faded over the years, but this golden-stoned relic is now one of Tunisia's most recognizable landmarks. The place also witnessed filming of movies like,Life Of Bryan. Today, tourists rack up into the bastion tower, rather than security forces.
Address : Monastir, Tunisia
Timing :  8:00 AM To 7:00 PM
Ticketing : INR 5 I
Staying Options : 
Shems Holiday Village Hotel
Skanes Monastir, 5000 Monastir, Tunisia
Offering an outdoor pool and an indoor pool, Shems Holiday Village is located in Monastir. The property has free WiFi in public areas, a private beach area and self-catering bungalows with air conditioning