TLFMagazine -40 Captivating images from the Pushkar Camel Fair

40 Captivating images from the Pushkar Camel Fair

40 Captivating images from the Pushkar Camel Fair

By Amitesh Gautam and Kanhav Boliwal

The Pushkar Camel Fair is a beautiful potpourri of colours and emotions. People from distant villages have come to buy and sell cattle. They display their product through various competitions like the camel races, camel dances, best looking Camel contest, etc 
For the locals it is the time to rejoice and enjoy the festivities, the swings and the food. Dancers, magicians, singers all gather together and celebrate! 
Working on our Art, Music and Culture special and although it's scorching in the desert, but we are surviving thanks to the wonderful locals and the gorgeous camels. Here are some snapshots celebrating the people and the place

1. A decorated camel at the fair

2. Local women clad in colourful attires

3. Aarti 9 and puja 8 Dancers

4. Sheena a travel agent and a fashion blogger from Los Angeles. This is her 4th visit to India and first visit to Pushkar. She is travelling alone and feels India is a safe place with friendly people

5. Lakshmi 8 all dressed up for the festival

6. Waiting for people to come and ride his camel

7. Achooki 90 lives in Telora village with her son and grandchildren. She has come all alone to enjoy the festival

8. These people come from far away villages and sleep next to their camels under the sky or put up a small tent

9. A man and his machine

10. "Salman jaise has ke Sikhya?"

11. Deepak 10 a magician who earns INR 10 per show

12. Yuki loves camels and has come all the way from Tokyo. She found out about the festival online and is travelling alone. She has had a great experience and feels the people are really nice and its peaceful here

13. Anita Pooja Sajna and Ishani are all dancers and belong to the Kalbeli tribe they live in the Kalbeli village near by

14. Pappu the snake charmer

15. Locals clad in beautiful bandhini sarees

16. A woman waits for her son to join her

17. Women making a popular local dish baati. Its made of wheat and eaten with daal and choorma- the dish is called daal baati choorma (crushed wheat ghee and sugar) and is a popular Rajasthani dish

18. Decorations for the camels

19. Bangles from the local market

20. Photographer Amitesh Gautam connects with his subject Raju the bangle seller who can speak in English and Spanish

21. Street artists

22. TLFs CEO Shivani Joon at the Camel Fair

23. TLFs Editor Natascha Shah at the Camel Fair

24. Chotunath Kalbelia the snake charmer from the Kalbeli village. The Kalbeli is a tribe of artists they sing and dance. They are also known for catching poisonous snakes

25. Sharda a Kalbeli woman gets ready for a performance

26. A Kalbelia performance

27. The Three Musketeers

28. Hello!

29. Inderjeet the affectionate camel

30. Night at the dunes

31. Sipping water after a long day at the fair

33. Lea, 25, France was visiting Rajasthan and heard about the camel fair. Dressed up in a beautiful outfit from the local market, she found the people to be helpful and friendly

34. Walking the right rope

35. Axel, 21, Lyon. It's his first time in India and before he came here he thought India would be "Dirty, Hot, Crowded and the food will be spicy"
Has this perception changed after being here?
He says, "It is all this (laughs), but much more. It awakens all your senses- there is so much to see, taste, smell, so many sounds but more importantly so much to feel. India is all about the emotions."

36. Sadhu Dipendra Giri from Mount Abu and Mathis, 23, Paris. Giri is here to take a dip in the lake, and Mathis is here to buy a Royal Enfield and take a trip to Goa

37. A local musician

38.  A Kalbeli child watches as his mother gets ready to perform

39. People celebrate all night in the streets to celebrate the Full Moon/ Karthik Poornima

40. Ferris Wheels at the fair