TLFMagazine -6 Must tries at Fab Café (Specially for the Vegans)

6 Must tries at Fab Café Specially for the Vegans

6 Must tries at Fab Café  Specially for the Vegans

A café that features modern regional Indian cooking and a completely new salad menu that is light, flavourful and inspired by Indian street food and tons of Vegan options too! 

  1.  Polenta Upma (vegan classic upma with a gluten free twist served with signature sambar and tomato nariyal chutney);- The chutney is to die for.
  2. Berry Smoothie Bowl (healthy smoothie bowl with strawberry, raspberries, blueberries and vanilla topped with muesli and fresh fruit)-  Yum is the word!
  3. Chicken Chettinad (fragrant curry with coconut, nuts and 15 roasted spices) and Khum Mattar Curry (juicy mushrooms and peas in a brown cashew nut curry) for the non-meat eaters.- All the goodness plus a little spice.
  4. Aam Panna (green mango infused with spices
  5.  Glow Hydration (coconut water, aloe vera, orange, pineapple and chia seeds).
  6. Caramelized Banana Cake (grain free cake from banana flour & ripe bananas topped with caramelized bananas

A special mention for the lovely kids who would get to choose from interesting options like; Mini Idlis with Cashew Cheese & Tomato Sauce, Pancakes with Jaggery Syrup & Fruit and Baked Potato Smileys to name a few.

We recently reviewed the Fab Café in Mumbai and not only did we enjoy the warm hospitality of the staff, the food was undoubtedly amazing and healthy, also for the kid present with us, it was superb.

Kindly note; the drinks and few dishes are limited-time additions to the summer menu.

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