TLFMagazine -A canal cruise more in Holland

A canal cruise more in Holland

A canal cruise more in Holland

By Abhimanyu Banerji

From the gorgeous  Dutch tulips at Keukenhof, to the rich history of Zaanse Schans, sunset dinners and the unparalleled views of Holland via canal cruises there is so much to The Netherlands…

Step into the land of tulips and flowers
Hold your spouse's hand and step inside themost beautiful spring garden in the world –Keukenhof that marked its 68th opening on March 23, 2017. Also known as the Garden of Europe, Keukenhof is the largest and the most beautiful spring garden in the world. Approximately seven million flower bulbs are planted annually in this garden.

The windmills and the beauty of Zaanse Schans
When exploring Holland, seeing a windmill up-close is a must. Holland used to be a home to thousands of windmills over 150 years ago. Some of these windmills still exist and can be visited today. A number of them have also been converted into shops, museums, stores and restaurants, making them a must-visit place in Holland. What could be better than getting an authentic impression of life in Holland in the 17th and 18th centuries, while holding the hand of your darling? Zaanse Schans will best serve you with its authentic houses, a tinware factory, a cheese and dairy factory and other crafts.

Romantic canal cruises in Amsterdam
These cruises can be a lovely way to explore the unparalleled views of the centuries-old architecture, charming canal houses and monuments. And if the sights are accompanied by an informative tour guide, a glass of wine or even dinner, so much the better. Romantic candlelight cruises, cheese and wine tours, and several tours held during the Amsterdam Light Festival in winter are perfect for couples. The Amsterdam Canal District is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

ADAM Lookout
Want to add adventure to your honeymoon? Holland has a bagful of things for you. Visit A'DAM Lookout for best views of Amsterdam, the most populous city of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. Lookout is a place where couples can enjoy unequalled panoramic views of the city, a great meal, and an interactive exhibition. Real adventurers can take a ride on Europe's highest swing—Over the Edge. Dining at the revolving restaurant, Moon, will prove to be a cherry on the cake for them as they get to explore the vibrant city in a whole new light.

Van Gogh Museum
Vincent van Gogh was a 19thcentury Dutch post-impressionist painter. His work had a huge impact on 20thcentury art. He was little appreciated in his lifetime, selling just a single piece of work. Today, the Van Gogh Museum draws some 1.5 million visitors each year. Nowhere except the museum will you be able to find this quantity of Vincent van Gogh's paintings. The collection boasts over 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and 750 written documents. Together, these works give a wonderful overview of his life and work.

Romantic dining in Amsterdam
Amsterdam offers a plethora of dining arenas that can calm the hunger pangs.Head to Ctasteand eat in the dark, this will truly bring all your senses to life. While the chef will take your preferences into account, the menu is a surprise. Another romantic outing is a dinner cruise on a saloon boat while cruising the Amsterdam canals.

Kissing forever
Another romantic suggestion is a great movie seen from the 'love seat' in Tuschinski, Amsterdam's most beautiful movie theatre. Enjoy the beautiful theatre in its early 19th century art deco splendour and then go for a stroll to the Magere Brug or Skinny Bridge. It is said that those who kiss at the bridge will stay together forever.