TLFMagazine -Spiritual Travellers heading to Nepal can add Shashwat Dham to their itinerary

A New Dham in Nepal

A New Dham in Nepal

Spiritual Travellers heading to Nepal can add Shashwat Dham to their itinerary

A two hour drive from the Bharatpur, Shahwat Dham is more than just a temple—established with the slogan of “Dharmo Raksyati Raksyitah” (Spirituality Saves Those Who Save It), Shashwat Dham is an abode for spiritual seekers, explorers, and nature lovers. 

The Nepali Businessman of Marwari descent, Binod Chaudhary, the President of Chaudhary Group and Founding Trustee of Shashwat Dham, wanted to fulfil the dream of his father, who wished to open a Shiv Temple and Sanskrit Gurukul in order to spread the message of spiritual positivity among the people. Guided by Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Jayendra Saraswathi ji of Kanchi Kamakoti Peethum, and Founder of Art of Living Foundation Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji,  Chaudhary established this Dham.

Spread over 12 acres of land amidst scenic backdrops of Devchuli and Barchuli hills of Nawalparasi district in central Nepal, Shashwat Dham houses Ekambareshwor—The Shiva Temple built with the world famous Khajuraho-style of architecture.  Carved to perfection, this architectural and spiritual marvel is abode of 16 deities with Shivalingam consecrated in Sanctum Santorum (GarbhaGriha). The temple is surrounded by a pond in which holy waters from famous shrines such as Badri, Kedar, Haridwar, Muktinath, and Pashupatinath are poured. 

One can visit the the Vaidik Karmakanda Gurukul, Sri Sri Center for Meditation and Yogic Sciences, the organic farm, enjoy lunch at Annaprna Satvik Pure Veg Restaurant, offering pure organic food at minimal prices, explore the manuscript resource center which aims to archive in physical as well as digital formats, the 20,000 manuscripts scattered all across Nepal, and the museum dedicated to pilgrimage and religious sites of Nepal and India. There also is spiritual souvenir store.

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