TLFMagazine -A Wild Farewell to 2017

A Wild Farewell to 2017

A Wild Farewell to 2017

Looking for something unique to ring in 2018? How about glamping in a forest with wildlife for company?

The Reni Pani Jungle Lodge in Satpura, Madhya Pradesh offers mobile luxury camping and walking expedition through the Satpura forests, in the form of ‘Satpura Under Canvas’. Cradled in the Mahadeo Hills of the Satpura Range, the forest covers a broad array of unique Central Indian flora and fauna. Characterised by fascinating deep valleys, narrow gorges, cascading waterfalls and rich vegetation, it is an ideal trekking country. This forest also allows you to have a walking safari! Camping and walking go hand in glove and as soon as some new areas of the park were opened for walking, Reni Pani launched a ‘Night Out Under Canvas’. The campsites for this one-of-a-kind and exclusive experience are located a short drive away from Reni Pani Jungle Lodge on the boundary of the core area. Two campsites are used during the season, one is in open wooded patch and is used when the Denwa River (Northern Park Boundary) is in full spate. Once the Denwa recedes then the camp moves to its dry river bed located in a splendid valley nestled as the river meanders through the magnificent Satpura hills. Starting mid-November, the dry river bed is used to set up exclusive mobile camp and it is this sight that TLF recommends most. Using this camp as base, guests can explore the core area of the park on foot opting for either half or full day hikes. Options include a two night & three day trek or one night & two day trek, designed and customised by Reni Pani Jungle Lodge as per your requirement

It is not your usual camping, it in fact is a truly unique experience with luxury tents that come with a bathroom and showers, gourmet food,  Naturalists that educate you about the wildlife. Click here to watch a video that tells you about everything that’s on offer!

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