TLFMagazine -A Young Indian Chef Remembers Bourdain

A Young Indian Chef Remembers Bourdain

A Young Indian Chef Remembers Bourdain

AKANKSHA DEAN,  A young chef from India talks about how she choses to celebrate the legacy that the greatest anthropologist and chef of our times left behind...

Every human being has something they hide from the world that could gulp them whole. We have no idea what anyone is going through. It is imperative to be kinder in our daily lives, and in all our acts. We are leading a fast paced life, where we hardly have time to connect with people on a human level, everything is done through emails and WhatsApp. We should check in on people we care about. Anthony Bourdain’s demise leaves us with this significant message. However, I choose to remember to live the way he did and not the way he died!

We all know Bourdain, hosted incredible shows like ‘No Reservations’ and ‘Parts Unknown’, for me he was an inspiration in more ways than one! For one, I love to travel and of course enjoy food and what I admired about Bourdain was the spirit with which he appeared to travel and the familiarities he tried to nurture through going to places many wouldn’t. He always saw the remarkable in what people did, even if they did not see it themselves! Cooking Sunday meals with my chef father and bonding over Bourdain’s shows has always been fun and a learning activity for me.

I remember reading this quote by him, “I think that people, need to be more inspired to travel and be adventurous with the things they eat. And if they are curious about the world and willing to walk in somebody else’s shoes—that is surely a good thing!” And that’s exactly what inspires me as a young chef and as a food and travel writer-the act of discovering the unknown through travel and cuisine. Anthony may have crossed over to another world but his inspiration will never die…at least for me!