TLFMagazine -An Avocado Masterclass with Chef Scott Pickett

All about Avocados

All about Avocados

An Avocado Masterclass with Chef Scott Pickett

By Soumya Joshi  

In an evening of a high end dining experience at the Hyatt Regency hotel in New Delhi, we were treated by the Melbourne based chef, Scott Pickett who brought about a quirky twist to the ever so conventional foods and ingredients. The creative genius that he is, he can work magic with absolutely any ingredient and make your mouth water with the final product. Known for his innovative cooking styles and creative dishes we were pleasantly surprised on being served our meals. 

Initially during his avocado master class he told us amongst the audience that avocado is the most basic raw ingredient which may even be consumed as it is or cooked in a manner of liking. He prepared samples of avocado for everyone and each sample set contained avocados in three different representations. First being raw gave the true essence of the creamy avocado, the second one was fire torched and roasted to enhance its flavours and the last one being a sweet version which revealed an unseen side of the avocado, that could be your best friend. 

We were served a three course meal with the starter being a revolutionised version of the ‘Aloo-ghobhi’ which contained a variety of cauliflowers and broccolis sautéed with minimalistic flavours and oils making it crisp and light and the most perfect appetiser as it was spicy yet sweet and savory-all at the same time. With prior knowledge of the wonderful flavouring effects of avocado we were in for quite a surprise, when for the main course a cream sauce penne dish prepared with Shiitake mushrooms and special herbs called ‘wild/sweet celery’ brought all the way with him from Melbourne, but of course the sauce comprised avocado. The pasta was cooked to perfection and the raw flavours of the herbs remained, it was covered with a layer of the sauce and topped with the shredded shiitake mushroom. For dessert we were served a ‘chocolate mousse’ which apparently had only hints of chocolate in it and did not reveal its true nature of being prepared from yet again avocados. It was a treat to the tastebuds and eyes as well as the mousse was done justice to by a thick layer topped with sweet fruity syrup layer on top and decorated with chocolate and vanilla pearl like balls and two crisp chocolate pieces as well.

Later in our interaction session with the chef himself we discovered about his passion for cooking and love for food. He talked about how his dream came to reality by opening his own restraint in Melbourne by the name Estelle and the adjoining Estelle bistro. Estelle received a coveted Chef’s Hat in The Age Good Food Guide in its first year, and was also nominated for ‘Best New Restaurant’.  Estelle has proved itself to be a valuable addition to Melbourne’s vibrant food scene. He even told us that how he is always on the lookout for the next big thing in food and making it a trend in the market. Chef Scott Pickett is a creative artist in the form of a chef, bringing magic to everything with him.