TLFMagazine -Head to Binsar in Uttrakhand to escape from the scorching heat

Beat the heat in Binsar

Beat the heat in Binsar

By Neha Kirpal

Binsar is a sleepy hill station located about thirty-five kilometres above Almora. A must see here is the Binsar wildlife sanctuary—a clean, well-maintained haven, which serves as a habitat for rare species of animals, birds and flowers. The sanctuary has a wide variety of flora ranging from twenty-five types of trees, twenty-four types of bushes and seven varieties of grass. The sanctuary is also a paradise for all bird watching enthusiasts, as one can find two hundred species of native and migratory birds here. A delight to spot is the state bird, the Himalayan monal and the nuthatch—a shy bird the size of a sparrow, which usually camouflages well. Harbouring one of the last remaining natural temperate broadleaved forests in the Middle Himalayas, Binsar is the only wildlife sanctuary in the country where walking is permitted on the sixty-two kilometres of designated path. 

Don’t miss: Take a short one-and-a-half kilometre walk up to Zero Point, amidst lovely rhododendron trees and colourful butterflies and catch a stunning glimpse of freshly snow-capped panoramic Himalayan peaks like Kedarnath, Shivling, Trisul, Nanda Devi and Panchchuli. On descending from the point, don’t forget to get yourself a refreshing cup of hot lemon tea at the Simba café below. Open all year round, the weather here stays temperate and pleasant throughout.

Where to stay: Mary Budden Estate