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Beautiful Inside Out

Beautiful Inside Out

TLF's Wellness Expert Meenaa Mahaajann talks about the concept of beauty in today's world and how it needs to be redefined as wellness and health—physical, mental emotional and spiritual wellbeing

Outer beauty attracts, Inner beauty captivates

In today's world the concept of beauty is restricted to the physical appearances. Virtues like humanity, kindness, talent have been replaced by looks, fashion and beauty when it comes to Icons. All the celebrities I have known lead a life of immense pressure just to keep their physical beauty intact, ignoring the inner self so much that majority of them end up depressed or on heavy medication.Today, we see many of them endorsing yoga and inner wellbeing to balance their lives, tired of living under a facade. They often do getaways to be "Free" and "Natural."
With the advent of social media the present generation seems to be indulging a lot in superficial representationof beauty. Years back I read a book that spoke of Audrey Hepburn, she died very young of hunger in Netherlands during World War 2. 
She was an astonishing beauty, towards the end of her life she was asked about her beauty secrets, and she answered with grace—"For lovely eyes, see the best in people, for slim figure, share your food with the hungry, for beautiful hair, let a child run his fingers through your hair at least once a day." 

People need to understand that the beauty of a person is not in their face, true beauty is reflected in their soul. Physical beauty is genetic - our skin colour, hair texture, eyes , body shape etc are all determined by the genes we carry. Inner beauty is deep. It is to do with the quality of your soul and consciousness. It is like the spiritual heritage you carry.  Inner beauty can have a strong reflection on outer beauty but the vice versa may not be true. If the inner self is radiating with peace, love, compassion, joy, generosity, contentment ,passion it has to show on the outside.
The story of Alexander the Great describes true beauty when he had a revelation. He believed he had the most beautiful and powerful body until he met Diogenes . Diogenes adorned nothing on his body, had no possession but Alexander was fascinated by the power that radiated from his inner self.  Our mythology mentions the Great Ashtavakra. The name itself suggests that he had eight places of distortion in his body. He was born crippled. No one can forget the episode that happened in the kingdom of Janaka. With his wit and internal power he was able to silent the scholars and philosophers . He chose not to get identified with his body and crossed that barrier to gain enlightenment. Today we all have his teachings in the form of Ashtavakra Gita. Today we see many people who have set tremendous records by conquering physical disabilities and are immensely beautiful as their inner self radiates with confidence and purpose. So, is beauty fashion, design, brands, makeup, or is it something different?

Spirituality defines Beauty, Beautifully! 

Every thing that we see around us, the sun, the moon, ants, birds, trees, are all so beautiful. The Universe has a perfect colour, shape and geometry in everything. 
What we say' Nature' is basically natural, hence' Natural' is beautiful. Beauty is to be 'free' and act Naturally. Beauty is your true nature. Look at yourself as a perfect and unique creation of the Divine. Do not hear any voices from the outside , They are not true. They are merely echoes of insecurity. Choose what is for your higher good. 

Today beauty is more about self image and lifestyle. I endorse and preach taking care of body and physical wellbeing but you can't be a pretty face or a beautiful body with negative energy within? True beauty is being handsome, beautiful and combining it with character, integrity, intelligence grace, love joy and perfect health. Today people are going great lengths and breaths and expense in pursuit of beauty. Millions are spent on cosmetic and medical surgeries. So the market offers many ways to enhance physical beauty-My question is, how much will this cost?
Will you be satisfied?Will you really feel more beautiful?

Today's generation can go miles in their effort to attain a thin and lean body. Diet plans have become a fad. I have seen people restricting water intake to about 20 sips a day to get that so called perfect body? The idea of 'size zero' has resulted more in weaker bodies and in some cases major deficiencies. People lack the clear understanding of wellbeing and health. Whatever the body type you have it should be well kept.Spirituality has all these answers. The West is adapting spiritual practices like yoga and meditation. Research has shown that 20 minutes of meditation everyday for 40 days can slow down the ageing process but bringing about some changes in the genome. Probably a reason why the Aura of a spiritualist is radiating giving them a glow without a beauty treatment. 

Redefining Beauty

We need to Redefine Beauty as wellness and health. physical, mental emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  The health trends in the world show there has to be a way to improve life in general.Today wellness tourism represents 16 to 20 percent of all the domestic and international travel trips, and it is projected to grow 7 to 10 percent every year. With the kind of lifestyle and stress conditions people experience in day to day lives, there is a rise in new age programs like occupational wellness, detox programs, therapeutic recreation, yoga and meditation retreats done at Ashrams and places of natural presence like mountains, mineral spring areas, cruises etc. 
The Spa culture caters to the Physical Beauty Enhancement, for the Internal Beauty Enhancement there is a lot of Awareness and Understanding pending in people. A complete wellness program must include holistic wellbeing of an individual. A full program for Fitness and Eternal beauty (internal and external), Education lectures and seminars about Body and Mind, Healthy habits and rehabilitation techniques
Healthy cuisines and detoxification foods, Meditation and yoga, Self indulgence and deeper thinking, Outdoor sports and team oriented activities. 

At  MPower,I have designed the modules that help lead a healthy and purposeful life. Corporates and Institutions are understanding the importance of wellbeing and are endorsing my programs.

About the Author: Meenaa Mahaajann is a Spiritual Guide, Astrologer, Life Coach and an Entrepreneur