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Bollywood Honeymoons Unplugged

Bollywood Honeymoons Unplugged

A love story, mesmerising melodies and lush locales that almost sums up all the masala flicks Bollywood offers, but that’s from a director’s point of view, how do the stars take a shot when they are directing their own honeymoons? Let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Amitabh Bachchan
Married in 1973
Honeymooned in London
My honeymoon in London was my first trip abroad. Needless to say, it was wonderful on many counts. I was used to the cold having spent my formative years at school in Nainital, but my wife was miserably cold. She is not too fond of the cold anyways – so I made her try several brandies. We were fortunate to have not missed Indian food, thanks to the hospitality of many friends and friends of friends in London. In fact, their care was so overwhelming so as not to have allowed two newly-weds to spend enough time with each other! I remember being invited by Rajesh Khanna and his wife Dimple, also recently married to The Hilton Hotel where they were staying, for dinner and a celebration. Some of us were so besotted by the city that we were going out to the balcony of his suite and playing ‘London-London’ – an innovative little game that we had all played when we were kids. Also, it wasn’t a complete holiday as a lot of media interviews were lined up in London. In fact, we left a lot of things mid-way so we could go to London.

Fast Facts
Currency: pounds
Stay: The Bingham Hotel, Richmond; The May Fair Hotel, Stratton Street, London
Eat: Babylon Restaurant – great seasonal menu; The portrait restaurant – reservation recommended

Shahrukh Khan
Married in: 1991
Vacation in Italy
We both came to Mumbai after our honeymoon so I could scout for work! And ever since I have been able to save some money by slogging, my wife is working with even more determination to blow it up on holidays. I dare not complain, it is my penance for a lousy honeymoon. But she does pamper me too – so most of our holidays feel like honeymoons. Gauri drove me around on a scooty once when we went to Italy. I loved riding pillion with a helmet. She fusses over me when we are abroad – what should I eat, what should I buy – so I like being pampered.

Fast Facts
Currency: Euro
Stay: L’Andana, Tuscany, Italy; Residenza Napoleone III, Rome, Italy
Eat: L’Asino d’Oro in Rome (Italian cuisine); Salumeria Roscioli in Rome (Gourmet)

Kareena Kapoor Khan
Married in: 2012
Honeymooned in Gstaad
We had been to Gstaad several times and after we got married, our annual vacation became our honeymoon. Saif and I were both busy working like maniacs for a month before we could leave for our holiday. So by the end we were just so fed up, we flew to our most favourite place in Gstaad – the Gstaad Palace. Saif should be credited for discovering this place that has become my favourite too. The hotel has lovely mountain views and there are multitudes of activities close by – such as golf, heli-skiing and even hot air ballooning. When in Gstaad I do put on weight simply because I eat a lot of cheese, chocolate fondues and banana chips and to top it all I also become a midnight snacker. They serve the most amazing chocolate fondue and it is awesome to enjoy it from within the cozy confines of your room while watching a blanket of snow cover up everything outside. Its pure bliss and I love returning every year.

Fast Facts
Currency: Swiss francs
Stay: Gstaad Palace; The Alpina Gstaad, Switzerland

Shilpa Shetty Kundra
Married in: 2009
Honeymooned in Bahamas
Raj had always wooed me luxuriously. It wasn’t any different with our honeymoon. We flew to the beautiful Bahamas. Raj had booked the Regal Suite at the Atlantis Resort in the Paradise Islands at the Bahamas. And it was just breathtaking. It has a huge casino, underwater ruins, amazing marine habitat and beautiful waterfalls and lagoons. I had never been to the Bahamas and full credit goes to Raj for making the trip very special. Not only did he finalise the venue, but even went on to plan all the intricate details. I still wonder from where did he get fresh jasmine flowers every day in the Bahamas for me! It was just perfect!

Fast Facts
Currency: Bahamian dollar
Stay: Atlantis Resort, Bahamas; The Cove Atlantis, New Providence Island
Eat: Dune, Paradise Island; Mesa Grill, The Atlantis

Arjun Rampal
Married in: 1998
Vacation in Phuket
While I did not go there for my honeymoon; but I would like to mention Thailand. Mehr and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in Phuket. It is just so picturesque and serene that it seems like the place belongs to another era, another world. Phuket is my ‘go to’ place when I want a relaxed, chilled out, put your feet up kind of a holiday - and that is what one normally does on a honeymoon. The calm scenery, the sun, the sand and the amazing landscapes – it just refreshes me like nothing else can. Thailand looks like a water colour painting that has come alive. Also, Thailand really is the most hospitable country in the world. The people are forever smiling. I am in food heaven in Thailand as Thai cuisine is my weakness. If I am staying at Sukhothai which I do more than regularly – the chef knows what to put in my grilled prawns I just like them spicier. My pina colada is less sweet than normal and I don’t need to specify it any more. My wife says that it seems like you are walking in the Garden of Eden when you stroll on the walkways above the lotus ponds. And it is all true!

Fast Facts
Currency:Thai Baht
Stay: Sukhothai, Bangkok; Anantara Phuket Villa, Phuket

Imran Khan
Married in: 2011
Honeymooned in Phuket
Actually, my wife Avantika and I were all set for a three-day trip to Hawaii post our wedding. But my schedule got in the way as I was shooting at that time. Two days after the wedding, I was back on the sets shooting for my films. But I must add that Avantika was really supportive. When we did get time, we went to a private island in Phuket with about 50 of our family members – so it was like a huge picnic and get-together. The place was nice and quiet. It gave space and time to bond and just relax.

Fast Facts
Currency: Thai Baht
Stay: Sunwing resort and spa, Phuket ; Novotel Phuket Resort
Eat: Baan Rim Pa (Thai Cuisine) and JOES downstairs( New World Cuisine)