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Crack the Style Code, a first of its kind personalised styling platform provides a tailor-made fashion experience enabling users to discover and enhance their personal style.

 A team of super stylists, who regularly dress film industry A-listers give advice on a head-to-toe style experience and curate budget-friendly looks and recommend on-trend products to solve all wardrobe- related queries. With the ‘Buy Now’ feature these suggestions are instantly shippable!

Archana Walavalkar, Co-founder and Creative Director of this celebrated portal shares her travel essentials with us


Here’s a packing check-list that will help you stay stylish even when you are traveling. 


Carry versatile separates that can work over-time when you run into that eternal what-to-wear dilemma. For example: An oversize shirt dress can double up as a beach cover-up as well as a bar-hopping uniform when paired with skinny ripped jeans. 

A pashmina is a life-savior – whether it’s for a long-haul flight or a mid-night stroll on a chilly beach. 

Stick to the classics – plain knitted tees or tanks in neutral shades, a pair of super well-fitted jeans, black leggings may seem boring but they are the most practical clothing choice for all situations and climes, and can be dressed up by adding accessories and bright make-up.

If you plan to invest in one great piece of clothing before or during your trip – let it be a top quality leather jacket. Not only will it last for years to come and look better the more worn out it gets but also is a sexy, urban and a universally cool style statement. 

Even if you are traveling to a cold locale, it’s advisable to take a swimsuit along. You never know when you may come across a heated pool, a great spa or even a hot spring.


Not matter how tempted you are to travel with your entire shoe closet – resist the urge. Four pairs should be your maximum limit – a pair of flip flops, nude heels, sneakers and every day shoes (brogues/ballet flats/metallic gladiator sandals).  

Same goes for bags – one day satchel or backpack, one nude or tan evening clutch and one over-size shopping bag is more than enough.

To accessorize your OOTD, mainstays from your everyday jewellery box, like a delicate chain and a simple bracelet in metal finish, should do the trick.

If you want to carry statement jewellery – keep it down to one set. For every outfit, pair separate pieces creatively and look different each day. 

Certain pieces like hair ties are a must while traveling – stock up well on them!

Beauty essentials 

Moisturiser is essential. In fact, keep a pocket-sized version in our hand bag and the full size version in your suitcase. 

This may sound strange but it really works – keep a tube of antiseptic cream at arms reach. Works for everything from small cuts and bruises to strange holiday acne caused by over eating/drinking/sun. 

Leave-in conditioner is another essential you shouldn’t travel without. You never know how good or bad hotel conditioner is, so it’s good to have this one around. 

When it comes to skin care, it’s better to stick to things you know suit your skin. Don’t experiment with a new routine before or during the trip. You don’t want to risk a break-out or allergic reaction when on holiday. 

This is what your beauty kit must have irrespective of everything else – a BB cream with SPF, a lip-and-cheek tint, a waterproof eye pencil and mascara, a lip balm or Vaseline and a neutral eye shadow palette. 


Keep a portable phone charger and headphones handy at all times. 

An iPad is also a must-have if you are travelling alone. 



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