TLFMagazine -How two days at the Reni Pani Jungle Lodge changed my perception about wildlife

How two days at the Reni Pani Jungle Lodge changed my perception about wildlife

How two days at the Reni Pani Jungle Lodge changed my perception about wildlife

By Natascha Shah
I wouldn't say that I am a wildlife enthusiast. I love to see animals in their natural habitat and I get excited upon spotting a big cat on a jungle safari, but that's about it.
I never understood people who went on multiple safaris and walks in the same national park, spending hours spotting birds or studying the grass and the insects. All I wanted was a few good pictures for Instagram. Also, because most of the jungle lodges I have been to, have had nothing to offer expect for the thrill of spotting a tiger on a safari. But all this changed with my recent trip to the Reni Pain Jungle Lodge in Satpura National Park, Madhya Pradesh

During the two nights at the lodge, we went for an evening boat ride, a morning safari, an evening buffer zone drive and a nature walk. The Satpura National Park is famous for the Leopard, Gaur or the Indian Bison, the Giant Malabar Squirrel, The Wild Dogs, Spotted Cat, Sambhars and Crocodiles. But this time more than being thrilled about the fact that we almost spotted all these animals, I was delighted to learn so much about them and their natural habitat all thanks to the Naturalists, who accompanied us on each of these outings.

The lodge offers Naturalists, who are experts in Geology, Botany etc and have studied nature and wildlife. There is a huge difference in going on a safari with one of them as compared to a guide. They gave us a lot of  information about the jungle, it's conditions, it's inhabitants and their characteristics. For example, I had seen the Ebony tree many times before but didn't know it's leaves are used to make Beedi, and its bark cackles like a firecracker if burnt. Nor did I know that Tussar Silk is produced from the Arjuna Tree. We learnt about the Lantana, which was growing all over the place and turned out to be a South American weed.We learnt about the birds, I can now identify a Jungle Babbler when I see one. I now know, that Creepy isn't the only type of spider that exists. There is the funnel web spider, the Signature spider and the Giant Wood Spider, they all have distinct webs. The female Giant Wood Spider actually kills its partner after mating. There were so many other interesting things. We learnt that the Wild dogs aren't actually dogs, and that they don't bark, they whistle. And if you have a bigger appetite for knowledge then there is a bonus that the lodge offers every evening, the Naturalists give an interesting presentation about different iconic species found in the park. The lodge also provides with a booklet of animals, plants, birds and insect species and a tick off list, which is a great thing as a) It has all the information b) It is fun to tick off names of the animals you spotted!

The fact that, on our very first day, during the evening boat ride on the Denwa, we spotted a leopard on a tree, and wild dogs below it, having chased him up there, was icing on the cake! Because even after all the knowledge in the world, a great video for your Instagram wouldn't hurt :)

About the Lodge
The Reni Pani Jungle Lodge is an intimate, and exclusive offering a luxury experience in the wilderness. We saw spotted deers from the deck of our cottage 10 mins after checking-in! The owners, Aly Rashid and Shefali Alvares Rashid are at the resort, looking after the finer details and adding that extra touch to the experience. The services are personalised and everything from the delicious food to the hot water bottles magically appearing in the bed at night is wonderful!

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