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Live Life Princess Size!

By Akanksha Dean

A short getaway is always stimulating news. At least for me, Neemrana Fort Palace is a more convivial plan, a space that is not too far away from Delhi that slopes on a charming pastoral Fort Palace. Neemrana is another unit all together, within an hour and a half of travel, we go via winding roads and idyllic village scenery; Covid thoughts replaced by serenity, a blend that’s really compelling. 


The best part about Neemrana Fort Palace is certainly its outline and design. The sprawling non-hotel is spread over acres of green corridors, two pools and winding paths. Each of the 77 rooms and suites look out at some gorgeous view or the other – either the vistas, pool or some part of the Fort. My Ambar Mahal comes with a balcony and a terrace where I sit looking at the swaying trees all around. Often a squirrel or a little birdie says hello to me. The Luxury room has everything I could need and more: a large living space, a floor to ceiling net door that keeps me away from mosquitoes but not from the views, a spacious bathroom and a bedroom with a huge raised bed to escape into for the night. 


The best part of being in Rajasthan – okay, fine at par best part along with the views is the food. Whether it Dal Baati Churma, Lal Maas or whatever else you may relish, the local food at Jalgiri restaurant is unquestionably addictive. High Tea and the Bar are together at the ‘Hawa Mahal’, a hub to just chill. The service across the hotel and restaurants, is immaculate – all beams and constantly ready to fix your offbeat demands. Without realising the distance I order breakfast one morning and instead of saying the set up could be a little cumbersome, the staff went dashing around and made it happen. When I am not eating, I take a guided tour and explore history. For those who do not know, Neemrana Fort Palace was built since 1464, uninhibited in 1947, attained in 1986, and this impressive ruin restored into this exquisite resort in 1991 with just 15 rooms. The whole vibe of Neemrana is of living in history. One evening I witness a glorious sunset and another I spend just chilling with a book and my fresh lime at Hawa Mahal. If you are looking to get away for a stress free, short break this is a good choice. Just being here is amazing as it offers a renovating solitude like none other.


They have rigorously updated their sanitization measures across the property. There is contactless temperature screening for all guests and team members upon arrival. Rooms are allocated after 48 hours of being engaged by a previous guest. Neemrana Fort Palace is spread across many acres, offering buoyant rooms with natural ventilation and outstanding views. They do not use central air conditioning and have separate aircons for each room. This is a primary step in plummeting the curve.


None. It is best to drive in your own car for maximum safety.


Neemrana Fort-Palace - 15th Century, Delhi-Jaipur Highway

Where? 122nd Milestone, Delhi-Jaipur Highway, Neemrana, Alwar,
Rajasthan 301705

Tel: 0124-4666166


About the Author

With a background in Culinary Arts and the first Indian to have, staged at the best restaurant in the world aka 3 Michelin Star Osteria Francescana gives her an edge over any other food and travel writer. A young and hardworking young adult, she has been on various Travels in search of food and culture to various destinations across the world and in India. Akanksha Dean is also a keen photographer and aces in speaking Spanish.