By Devyani Chopra
The Minister of External Affairs of India, Miss Sushma Swaraj, launched a new scheme yesterday, the passport seva app. This app lets you apply for passport from anywhere in the country regardless of your place of residence. 
This newly launched mobile app is available on Android and iOS and lets you apply and pay for passports and also schedule appointments to collect it whenever it’s ready.  
This scheme is an initiative that is majorly citizen centric and lets applicants benefit from it as they do not have to be present at their permanent residential area and apply, pay and collect the passport from the appointed Passport Seva Kendra if they are temporarily posted elsewhere. 

Three things to know about the scheme:
• Police verification, if required will be conducted at the place of residence or temporary residence mentioned in the application form. 

• Applicants can apply from anywhere in the country, regardless of their place of permanent residence.

• With the Passport Seva App, people would not require access to a computer and printer to apply for a passport.