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Spiritual Solace in the Corporate World

Spiritual Solace in the Corporate World

Spiritual Guide, Astrologer, Life Coach and an Entrepreneur, Meenaa Mahaajann shares notes on spirituality 

An industry expert in spiritual guidance, Vedic astrology and life coaching with an elaborate corporate and educational background as a Research Scientist and a Professor of Forensic Astrology, Meenaa has an excellent understanding of the spiritual world and the Physical world. She's a pioneer in establishing Application of Spirituality in the Corporate World for it's holistic betterment, development and growth. A Bachelors in Botany and a Masters in Anthropology, she is a Humanitarian, an Entrepreneur, she is forever dedicated to the service of the Universe. Meenaa has been working as a Spiritual guide, Astrologer and a Life coach to a wide cross section of people across professional and social backgrounds, since more than 18 years. 

Sprituality in the Corporate World 

She's a Spiritual consultant of Multinational Corporations helping them establish a culture of Spiritual Leadership and high productivity in every Individual. Meenaa is the founder of MPower, (next generation leadership ) aiming to make a       difference in the world by connecting organisations including corporates with the individuals that work there thus creating happy and productive environment. The program is called 'Siddhi', an intervention that has a holistic approach to the human mind, body, heart and soul incorporating simple practices, thus creating a state of well being which eventually is the purpose of life. 'Siddhi' focuses on: understanding which leads to enlightenment. It's a unique approach focusing on inside- out change and transformation, a change that's initiated within and sustained forever. It has inculcated experience based interventions for individuals to know their true potential. The right guidance, environment and support helps individuals to touch this large reservoir thus giving them a balanced outlook in life. 'Siddhi' focuses on four pillars: PQ: Physical body quotient EQ: Emotional quotient IQ: Intelligence quotient SQ: Spiritual quotient. These four Q's help in the AAA approach to transform our energies. AAA is Awareness, Acceptance, Action (the act of selfless giving) 

Meenaa has also been conferred with various esteemed awards and recognitions for her valuable service of almost two decades: Women Entrepreneurship Award (Spirituality) at the 2nd Asiad Literature Festival 2017.  Invited as a Panelist in the Astro talk session in the 2nd Asiad Literature Festival 2017. Woman of Substance Award at the All India Achievers Conference. Make in India Award for Spirituality. Woman of Substance Award for Nation building and Bharat Nirman Award for Spiritual Science. She says "You make your body into Shiva or Shava," the corpse or the ultimate. 

Notes on Spirituality 

I was always a seeker and wanted a lot of answers-the favourite was WHY? Being born in a simple brahmin family, I was taught a lot of dos and donts. Some made sense and some were just a ritualistic way of living. Spritual literature interested me, from Paramhansa Yogananda to Sigmund Freud, I have enjoyed all the writings and teachings. 

I wanted to explore the cosmos and relate to every moment I was experiencing. This often took me into deep silence, an urge to shut my senses and just be with some inner energy that connected to the higher levels of my being. I always felt a very high energy around me. The birth of my son 22 years back connected me to the highest consciousness that helped me realise there was a physical world which was different from the cosmic karmic world, this started my journey. My spiritual quest began with experiencing Nothingness or Everything. 

With my understanding of genetics and evolution I was intrigued that our DNA which is our chromosomes, genes and related molecules is all the physical and mental manifestation in our life. 

The Karmic Code 

Phenotype= Genotype + Development in a given environment. In the spiritual language I would say just as the body has a "genetic code" our soul has a "karmic code." The soul is a karmic being and karma is called the DNA of the soul. The soul carries some information when it travels from one body to the other and this is called sanskaars. The karmic code is created by habits, tendencies, desires and influences. Since time immemorial karma has been a widely used term. Phrases like 'What goes around comes around', 'What you sow is what you reap' indicate there is an inescapable result we face of our actions. So KARMA is the underlying process of a 'Self creating universe'. 

The purpose of spirituality 

The purpose/idea of spirituality is to empower an individual to harness and optimise the potential we all have-to overcome the challenges, express more of our strengths achieve goals and dreams and manifest the purpose of our life. Spiritual path gives people a sense of purpose and peace. Every experience in life is deep and profound as it comes from inner self. 

Programming the DNA and changing our lives
Our thoughts can create a physical and chemical change in the structure of DNA molecule. There is enough scientific evidence for connection between angry thoughts and cancerous growth in our body. Diseases like asthma, heart issue, Parkinson's, Alzheimer run in families as certain genes are inherited in generations. Similarly life can be decoded to a large extent through what we call the "modalities" in the spiritual world. A spiritual map called a Birth chart is created using name, place of birth, time of birth and date of birth. Vedic astrology has given us the karmic code. Decoding this can help in understanding and further changing our life. 

For the evolution of human beings we must consider both the genetic code and the karmic code. In a modern world, we need a more appropriate way to this thought in our lives, families, workplaces, community. Ancient Yogic way of living has taught us awareness of breath. This is called meditation. When we are 'aware' of everything around us there is an 'acceptance' and this leads to the 'action' of breaking the vicious circle. Self realisation comes when we are self aware and learn to coexist with our environment and with each other. I am connected to people across the globe who have understood the immense potential within themselves and have transformed their lives. 

Quantum theory has reached a point where the source of all matter and energy is a vacuum ... Nothingness that contains all the possibility of everything that has ever existed and that which will ever exist. This describes a space beyond what we say predictions in astrology... hence my belief that we can alter the karmic code by transformation of energy and touching higher dimensions of our being. The law of Relativity is simply the ability to relate with self and others. Issues in relationships happen only when we cant relate to others ... 

There is also something thats called the collective karma. This is more group based, family based and civilisation based. Karmic rectifications can help minimise this potential destruction. The universe is divided into an atomic experience and a metaphysical experience. Atomic experiences are the physical experiences whereas the metaphysical are more experiential with no tangible scales.. emotions like love, pain, suffering, compassion, guilt, hostility, contentment can only be experienced and can differ with each individual. 

Though today a lot of importance is given to the material world, we cant disagree that its the emotion deciding the result that manifests as material. 

Spiritual Tourism 

Spiritual tourism or pilgrimage has always held a great significance in our country. The idea is to visit places, which are very high on energy. There is a natural presence of the elements here in the purest form- water, air, fire, earth and space. The stress in our daily lives has affected our body and mind, this is a way to reconnect and experience our original true nature. 

From the Himalayas, which is the home for Shiva to the southern most tip where goddess Kanyakumari sits, our country is rich in its spiritual heritage. 

As a spiritualist and life coach,  I will insist on a balance. People struggle with their work life balance and relationships only because of mismanagement. A couple of minutes of deep breathing and being in awareness can bring abundance and joy. Being with self in silence for a couple of minutes can help the body's metabolism. 

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