TLFMagazine -Streets that should definitely be on your Bucket List

Streets that should definitely be on your Bucket List

Streets that should definitely be on your Bucket List

By Dhruv Kapoor
Here is a list of streets that will surely give you travelling and photography goals 

1. Soaring Umbrella Street, Portugal
This colourful street located in the town of Agueda in Portugal is a major tourist attraction for its aesthetic, unique and awe-inspiring umbrella design. It houses a number of famous shops, restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a meal and have a good time. The parasols form a canopy over the street and make it cosy and charming.

2. Champa Gali, Delhi

Source: Pragya Kapur
Getting better by the day Champa Gali, Saket is a blossoming street offering cafes serving lip smacking local food, pop-up bazaars and impromptu jam sessions adding to its quirky environment. Whether it is to relax and read a book at Blue Tokai or buy your next outfit, Champa Gali is definitely the space one should look out for when in Saket

3. El Caminito, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Source: Caminito
El Caminito (little path, in Spanish) is home to some cool colourful buildings, open cafes and street performers and artists. The place is also famous for its renowned Buenos Aires street museum.Today, there are several works by Argentine artists incorporated as part of the street museum and the caminito has become a favourite with visitors to the city. Several restaurants offer tango and folk-dance shows.
The buildings made of wood and sheet metal are typical of the conventillos, precarious, communal dwellings built by Genoan immigrants in the 19th century. 

4. Old Town Colmar, France

A colourful fairy tale street that one would definitely want to visit is the Old Town Colmar street in France. A canal running by the StreetSide adds to its beauty.The unique architecture with light French window blinds and German styled buildings from wood, is an example of two different cultures merged in one. 

5. Old City Chefchaouen (Morocco)

This beautiful blue street in the small northern Moroccan city, surrounded entirely by mountains, is known for its mix of Spanish and Muslim architecture, all covered in a beautiful shade of blue. The colour is said to have been introduced by Jewish immigrants, who painted the city to mimic the sky and heavens. Embrace some sumptuous food or splurge your money indulging in some shopping with the beautiful view.

6. Kampung Pelangi, Indonesia 

Home to at least 232 amazing, multi-coloured houses famously known as the “Rainbow Village”, this street in Randusari is a must visit in Indonesia. It’s visually stunning ambience adds to its beauty and make it a tourist attraction all over the world. The Street was formerly a slum and after the Indonesian government making some efforts the resultant makeover has been nothing short of jaw dropping beauty.

7. Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Source: Flickr/Chris Brown
The subtle and beautiful colours and the canal by the side makes for a mesmerising and photogenic view. This colourful street today houses some of the most iconic restaurants and cafes and happened to be the residence of the iconic Danish author Hans Christian Andersen for about two decades.

8. Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Source: ytravelblog
Local as well as international artists come and try a hand at street art on these walls. Even if we don’t know the artist or the story behind the art and graffiti is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

9. Calle 28 de Julio en Barranco, Peru

Source: Santiago Stucchi Portocarrero
The Calle 28 de Julio in Barranco, Peru stands true to the fact that walls speak and this colourful street houses paintings from various street artists around the world. The bright coloured Graffiti is a visual treat for your eyes.

10. East Side Gallery, Berlin

Source: Wikipedia
This is the longest gallery open 24/7 and it being free is just the cherry on the cake. This street art symbolises freedom and is considered a great part of history. The vibrant colours used in the graffiti makes it a perfect place for photoshoots and photo walks.