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Things to do before you get Married

Things to do before you get Married

By Mansi Sharma

Have you considered a "Must-do" list before tying the knot? Maybe you should, as there are a lot of things one needs to experience and learn before taking the leap, little experiences can change you as a person and help you become a better life partner.

Travel Alone – Sounds cliché, but travelling alone is an essential experience. It can teach you lessons that you've never thought you needed. It is just not the world that you are exploring, you explore and rediscover your strengths and weaknesses too. You learn to acknowledge your own presence and appreciate it. Travelling alone gives you a sense of freedom which you never knew was missing from your life.

Hobbies are a must –Join that hobby class/club, which you always wanted to but were either too busy or scared to. Be it art, pole dancing, drama or gardening—do it. Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy. You may never be able to devote quite as much time and attention to yourself again.

Date Yourself – Learn to accept and appreciate yourself.It's the first step to lov-ing and appreciating your spouse as much! Fall in love with yourself , only then you can truly love somebody else. Be comfortable in your own skin and learn to enjoy your own company. Take yourself on a dinner date or a shopping spree and spoil yourself. The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more likely you are to at-tract someone who will be comfortable with you. Accept yourself with all your flaws and scars, with all your curves and beauty and respect it.

Work Work Work – Decide what you want to do and work for it. It's always a good idea to be clear in your head as to where you are headed to, professionally. Be serious about your career and have a goal. It is very important to set a goal and work on it. Find yourself a job which you love and commit yourself to it.

Identify – Find yourself, who you are, what you want and what defines you. It goes without saying that you are much more than someone's daughter, sister or friend. Build yourself and don't let anyone define you as 'someone's wife'. Marriage is not your sole identity.

Travel with your partner before you tie the knot – Pack your bags, go on an excit-ing journey to an unknown place and spend time together. Not only will you be able to get to know your partner in better, you will also connect with them intimately which was not possible in a meeting of few hours. When you live with a person, you understand them and learn more about their daily routines and habits. You also get to spend intimate moments with them like brushing together or just preparing a meal to-gether, which will bring you two closer to each other. When you are able to survive with them for a few days and enjoy it, there is a very high chance that you will be able to spend your entire lives together.

Get your finances in order – Make it a point to clear up all your debts and credit be-fore tying the knot. Work for yourself and be independent enough to feed yourself . This doesn't mean perfection—but it does mean learning to manage independently.

Talk money – Talk with your partner and make sure you know where you stand on long and short-term goals and spending vs. saving. Depending on how much either one of you is willing to bend on certain things, money matters can be serious buzz-kills for marital bliss — or, at their worst, deal-breakers. So it is always better to be on the same page as your partner on the issue of finance.