Too hot to step out of the house? Already binged, watched Sacred Games? Here is a list movies you can watch on Netflix 

10. Chasing Ice (2012)
Director - Jeff Orlowski
This story about a National Geography photographer trying to capture an overview of what climate change looks like will make you stick to your seat until you finish watching. The cinematic effects will charm you but the sad truth shown will leave you wondering what the world is heading to. This movie took years to make because of the difficult filming conditions. The result is truly mesmerising and worth the efforts. 
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9. The Look Of Silence (2014)
Director – Joshua Oppenheimer 
This movie is focused on the Indonesian Genocide of 1965-66 and the government purging thousands of communists. The brother of an optometrist named Adi was killed in the genocide. Adi decides to revisit the past by meeting the men who were responsible for the killing of his brother and a survivor of the purge. It is provocative to look at the history of violence.
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8. Tallulah (2016)
Director – Sian Heder 
It revolves around a homeless young woman who broke up with her boyfriend, feeling lost, she steals a baby from a careless rich housewife leading to a police investigation. She pretends to be the child’s mother and asks her ex-boyfriend’s mother to help her, telling her that the baby is her grand-daughter.A thought provoking film, with touching performances.
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7. Moon (2009)
Director – Duncan Jones
Moon is a sci-fi movie witha beautiful performance by Sam Rockwell. Astronaut Sam has a three-year contract with Lunar Industries. It’s about a man struggling to understand what and who he is and the effect of industrialisation. Moon keeps you guessing and deeply enthralled. A masterpiece which is a must watch for all the sci-fi lovers.
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6. Strictly Ballroom (1992)
Director – Baz Lurhman
A romantic comedy which will grasp the attention of all the dance enthusiasts. It is a story of a young dancer who wants to fight the repressive regime and dance freely. An energetic, fun and hilarious film,it depicts the youth fighting for artistic freedom.
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5. On Body And Soul (2017)
Director - Ildikó Enyedi
This movie is the crafted winner of the 2017 Berlin Film Festival. A man and a woman who have the same dreams get to know each other, they decide to make them come true. This unconventional love story is by Hungary’s best director, who had taken an 18-year break from making movies. 
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4. Victoria (2015)
Director – Sebastian Schipper 
This movie is for the people who like real life thrillers. Victoria runs into three German men while returning from a night club. They convince her to hang out with them. Victoria is from Spain but living in Berlin, so her German is not so good but good enough English. Their wild all-night party leads to a bank robbery. 
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3. Mustang (2015)
Director – Deniz Gamze Erguven
Mustang is a movie about five orphaned sisters who are grounded by their uncle and grandmother when seen hanging out with local boys from school. Their guardians prepare them for their arranged marriage. While the movie seems to be depressing, it is full of equally beautiful and tragic parts. It’s conclusion brings the narrative full-circle with an image that is simple but powerful.
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2. Whiplash (2014)
Director – Damien Chazell
Whiplash presents a different kind of a relationship between a student and a professor. A student who is a talented drummer attends an eminent academy, whereas, the professor who does not hold back abuse against anyone especially his students.
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1. Fruitvale Station (2013)
Director – Ryan Coogler
A 22-year old man of colour is challenged by his past and the police. This movie produced by Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker andis no ordinary stereotype. It is powerfully told and surpasses the sadness of its subject matter to be a celebration of life. It is well cinematographed and is a must watch.
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