TLFMagazine -USA rolls out GEP for India

USA rolls out GEP for India

USA rolls out GEP for India

By Soumya Joshi 

What is GEP?

GEP or the Global Entry Programme  has been started by the U.S customs and border protection services which will grant an expedited clearance to low-risk travellers upon their arrival in the United States. India has recently signed the International Expedited Traveller Initiative Programme with the United States and the Indian citizens are now eligible for being a part of the GEP. GEP allows people to skip the long lines in customs, as there will be special kiosks build at selected airports which will allow a speedy exit for pre-approved travellers in the U.S. Global Entry is currently available at 53 US airports and 15 pre-clearance locations.

Apart from India, citizens of the following countries are also eligible to be a part of this programme; citizens of Colombia, United Kingdom, Germany, Panama, Singapore along with South Korea and Mexican nationals included under Global Entry Programme too. Canadian residents can apply for enrolment under this through their membership in NEXUS programme.

How to enrol into GEP?

An online application form that asks for your details and related history is the step one for enrolment,  along with a non-refundable fee amounting to $100 granting a five-year global membership is essential. 
Your application is reviewed and form submittal will occur in about 48 hours. You are sent an email conformation for the same also explaining the best way to schedule your appointment. Also a guide explaining how to get a TSA pre-check with your membership will be sent as well.
A boon for frequent Indian travellers to America…
The Global Entry Programme would not interest the average Indian traveller who probably plans on paying just a single or to the maximum a couple visits to the States but for the businessman who has to travel to and fro from the homeland to the states or the travel enthusiast, this is the next best thing after travel pillows, it is a blessing in disguise. The time saved at the customs could dramatically sum up to a couple of hours which maybe essential for the traveller. Enrolling yourself into this programme will ensure that upon your arrival into the States you will have an easy exit. It will save you the pain of standing in hour long queues as you will only require your passport at the time of exit from the airport, you don't not need anything else as the automated kiosks system would require you to confirm your fingerprint in the machine and confirm your identity, it may take a few tries but will be fraction of the amount of time you would earlier have to spend at customs. 

To become a part of the Global Entry Programme click here