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A culinary journey through the West Coast of India

Sana di ge located in Malcha Marg, Delhi offers recipes that have travelled generations through mothers who used simple techniques to bring flavour to our meals

Featuring a menu from the West coast of India, each meticulously assembled, utilising authentic recipes from the kitchen of Asha Shetty, the consort of . K Prakash Shetty-Founder MRG Group. Sana-di-ge brings the freshest seafood, ‘cream of the crop’ ingredients, most authentic of preparations and the taste of good, heartfelt and tummy doted coastal Indian cuisine. The chefs have trained under Asha Shetty’s watchful eyes and adept hands, the service staff serve with homely affection, making the guests smile.

Located in one of Delhi’s greenest neighborhoods—Malcha Marg Chanakyapuri, the restaurant is spread across three floors. The name Sana-di-ge is derived from Tulu language (one of the five Dravidian languages) translating to an inaugural brass lamp. The extensive menu comprises of delicacies from Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Every alternate day, fresh and top-quality seafood is sourced and showcased to the guests before preparing the dish to guarantee its freshness; among them are mud crabs, lobsters and jumbo prawns

The menu offers a sea of flavors, earthy aromas, and the tantalizing freshness of the coast- experience. Some of the exclusive dishes from the new menu are Kozhi Kokum (fresh kokum infused chicken tossed with authentic Mangalorean spices),  Meen Roast (surmai pan-tossed in a tangy spice mix with chopped shallots, shallow fried), Malabar Green Peas Curry (a vegetarian’s delight -green peas cooked to perfection with Kerala spices in coconut milk), BendekaayiSole (handpicked garden -fresh okra tossed with sliced onion and kokum, finished with freshly grated coconut),  Royyala Vepudu (an Andhra style prawn fry with minimal ingredients), Andhra Chili Chicken (a mouth-watering dish prepared by blending the flavor of fresh green chilies), Nellore Chepala Pulusu (a tangy, spicy, delicious regional recipe of Nellore), Crab Xec–Xec (a fragrant and scrumptious Goan crab curry prepared with roasted spices and coconut paste); Mysore Pak (a South Indian fusion recipe of classic Mysore Pak made with Horlicks and besan), Rashi Pomfret (fresh pomfret stuffed with shrimps in recheado masala, shallow fried), BharelliMacchi (pomfret stuffed with traditional green spices, cooked to perfection), Natti Mutton (juicy chunks of mutton simmered in a base of onions, green chilies, coconut and mint - coriander paste). While we have retained our signature dishes on the menu, such as Ghee Roast (a traditional recipe from the Shettyhousehold prepared with authentic spices and ghee), Elaneer Payasam (a soulful combination of coconut cream and pulp of fresh tender coconut).

The menu comprises time-honored recipes curated to perfection using conventional cooking methods intertwined with a creative presentation to enhance the overall dining experience.

-Sukesh Kanchan, Executive Chef at Sana-di-ge


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