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A weekend at Naad

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

By Natascha shah

A wellness retreat that truly left us rejuvenated and more aware of our lifestyle and diet

Located on the outskirts of Delhi, Naad features a bouquet of curated experiences that aim to heal and initiate one towards holistic wellbeing. Rooted in the ancient principles of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, the therapies and services provided by a team of resident physicians and experts, restore balance to the five senses and help one take a journey inwards.

What's on offer?

Naad is a 39-room wellness centre located in Kundli approximately 2 hour drive from Delhi. On offer are residential experiences that begin at three nights and go up to 28 nights. These include a combination of both experiential (Detox, Destress etc) and medical packages (Diabetes Management, PCOS management, Spine Care, Sports Injury Management etc).

The objective at Naad is to heal the body, mind, and spirit from within, addressing the root cause of any imbalance, rather than offering a superficial short-term solution. 

Our Experience

We checked-in expecting the regular offerings of a wellness retreat- lush green spaces, a clean healthy diet, yoga sessions, meditations, and the works. That's exactly what we got, in fact, something even better in terms of a lot of relaxing massages and ayurvedic therapies along all of the above.

To begin with, our room was airy and spacious, and minimalistic, no clutter, clean open spaces, that actually de-cluttered our minds as well. The balcony overlooked lush green trees, which are everywhere around the property. The first thing we did was change into the white kurta pyjama provided by Naad, a fresh set everyday. This totally took away the stress of deciding what to wear, in fact, even while packing for this retreat, we were totally relaxed because we knew we have to wear what they give us. The outfit is also very comfortable for all the activities. After that we met the doctors who asked a series of questions related to our diet, mwdical history, lifestyle and based upon that designed the schedule for the next two days- right from when to wake up, what to eat/ drink, what massages /therapies to get done to what kind of yoga and meditation practices to follow.

Our day would start at 6 am with oil pulling which we learnt is a highly effective way to detox, followed by herbal drink and 60 mins of yoga. Naad follows Bihar School of Yoga, which also includes some chants and relaxing meditations. We would then have breakfast, which was mostly a smoothie, fruits, whole grain dishes like cheela, millet Upma. The food served at Naad is vegan, the portion sizes are small but there is variety.

The lunch is the heaviest meal offered and dinner the lightest. The Chefs make sure one doesn't feel bored of the food- we were fed some really interesting dishes, fresh salads. Smoothies, clean desserts, herbal waters, delicious soups, even sizzlers and beet root pasta. Between meals we experienced various therapies like ayurvedic massages, reflexology, a session in the rock salt cave, walking on the reflexology path made of stones. At first, after reading the schedule we felt that maybe it is a bit too much and we might end up feeling tired, sleepy and hungry but what we did eventually feel was exactly opposite of that! We felt light, energetic and happy, and our minds were at ease, a lot of space was created within us, although we did crave for that cup of coffee (and might have smuggled a sachet- but we don't recommend that).

Naad makes you feel so clean, healthy and relaxed that you want to follow these practices long after you come back home. We have inculcated some of them into our lives and continue to feel the difference!

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