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Arggo's: A high-energy neighborhood bar launches in Bandra, with a revolutionary plant-forward culinary experience!

For those following a plant-forward lifestyle residing in the suburbs, Well! Arggo's is all ready to bring in an extra layer of excitement to their dining experience. Owned by passionate entrepreneur Arpan Goyal, Arggo's is a premium neighborhood bar bang in the centre of Bandra. It rightly aims to be the go-to destination for everybody seeking a great place to enjoy cocktails, party on the weekends, indulge in long drunches, along with a green-forward, meat-alternative, and an all-embracing experience.

After the sun sets, Arggo's effortlessly transforms into a high-energy bar, offering an energetic ambience and a refreshing escape for those looking to unwind and elevate their evenings. Get ready to immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere as it becomes the ultimate spot for an exhilarating and transformative night out!

The venue transforms into the hottest spot in Bandra, offering an all-inclusive experience with a focus on premium vegetarian food that defies expectations.

Arpan Goyal, the visionary owner of Arggo's, shared, "After a decade of persistence and hard Work, we have launched Arggo's. It's not just a bar; it's a place that becomes your favorite address in the city, where you can unwind, work, socialize, and celebrate life."

Arggo's prides itself on being an all-inclusive neighborhood bar with a global-inspired menu featuring Southern Italian and Italian influences.

For those seeking a tantalizing start, the Gochujang Cheese Rangoon presents a delightful fusion of crispy cheese wontons filled with a harmonious blend of Gochujang and cream cheese.

Vegetarian enthusiasts can revel in the Not Chicken Wings, featuring cauliflower wings tossed in buffalo sauce and served with a side of refreshing ranch.

Seafood aficionados will be drawn to the Not Dynamite Shrimp, where mock crumb-fried prawns are bathed in a tangy dynamite sauce and elegantly presented in a martini glass.

The adventurous palate can savor the Tiger Bun, a house special crispy bun adorned with Belper Knolle cheese and chili butter.

For those in the mood for a unique pizza experience, Not Turkey offers a mock meat pizette finished with toum and harissa, while Not Pepperoni tantalizes taste buds with a Neapolitan pie crowned with mock pepperoni, chili oil, and Parmesan.

Moving on to the pasta section, the Pan Seared Gnocchi boasts a luscious sage brown-butter sauce, complemented by a fried sage garnish and Parmesan.

Meanwhile, the Spaghetti Bolognese takes a vegan twist with spaghetti and meatballs, harmoniously finished with Belper Knolle cheese and extra virgin olive oil.

The menu caters to both vegetarians and meat enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of plant-forward mock meats that elevate the dining experience.

Indulge in your favorite libations with a selection of five premium, top-notch cocktails expertly curated by the skilled mixologist Tony Fernandes.

Each concoction is an exciting journey for the taste buds, catering to everybody's preferences.

From the tantalizing"Elixir" with its fusion of vodka or gin, Aperol, passionfruit puree, and the distinctive essence of Kaffir lime leaf, to the velvety and innovative "Mvp'' featuring milk-washed gin, peach schnapps, vanilla syrup, and a subtle infusion of Earl Grey tea, there's something welcoming for all.

The vibrant and visually stunning "Purple Charlie'' adds a splash of color to the experience, while the bold and invigorating "Coffee Umami"and the playful, effervescent "Bourbon Pop"complete the lineup.

Arpan Goyal acknowledged the challenges of creating an inclusive menu and encouraging visitors to spend more time at the establishment. Arggo's has risen to these challenges, presenting a menu that accommodates various dietary preferences and an inviting ambiance that encourages to make Arggo's their go-to spot for all occasions.

Address: Arggo’s, Kings palace hotel 538, Linking road, Khar west.

Operational Timings : 1pm - 1am 

For Reservations - +91 8980991555

Instagram Handle: @arggos_bombay


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