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AZULE a picturesque beachside restaurant-bar in Ashwem beach, Goa

Enjoy European delicacies and craft drinks at this highly photogenic and refreshing beachside place that will leave you in awe

The Space

This oceanfront eatery is opening its humble doors soon, offering a vibrant ambience. Decorated with materials that are inspired by the area and natural surroundings—think weathered wood and woven wicked lamps. The gigantic and spacious indoor and outdoor restaurant with beachside seating and a wooden gazebo-style area serves as the perfect spot to revel in a leisurely lunch, craft cocktails, and sundown and make the most of the windy weather with your loved ones.

The Menu

With the sensational view casting a cheerful spell on your wholesome culinary experiences, AZULE’s kitchen aims to indulge the foodies and culinary enthusiasts on the lookout for an out-of-the-ordinary gastronomical experience. The menu includes delicacies such as Green Goddess, a refreshing salad served with shredded baby lettuce, blanched snow pea tendrils, asparagus, wasabi-coated Avocado in an Avocado mayo dressing & herb oil dust, Salmon Tartare, with mango yolk, diced shallots, cucumber, and capers & wasabi foam served with beet crisps, Chicken Liver Pate served on toasted brioche with garlic foam, ginger gel, and avocado mousse, Ghoogney Tartlets, an eastern styled dish with mashed white peas served on tartlets with coriander gel, tamarind puree, and red onion pearls, Miso glazed Cauliflower Steak with pimento puree, glazed baby carrots & olive gel, Spaghetti Carbonara, and Harvest Veggie Pizza, amongst others. To add a cherry on top of a delightful cake, the dessert menu includes luscious treats like Classic Tiramisu & Kahlua, Pina Colada & marinated Pineapple served with ginger gel & coconut gelato and Chocolate Mini Brick served with white chocolate crumb & raspberry sorbet, amongst others.

Say Cheers!

An all-day space with a fully stocked bar that serves everything from straight up to twisted cocktails; unwind at your fullest as the day progresses with the versatile cocktails menu that expands to interesting options from specials around the world. The in-house specials include French-inspired La vie, est belle, which serves as the perfect medley between gin mulled wine reduction, sweet vermouth lime and garnished with mulled wine paste chips; Mafia del Limone, an Italian drink concocted with vodka limoncello, orange blossom, lemon curd, lime cordial and a meringue garnish; a signature drink calledAZULE, which is a perfect blend between Dukshiri fat, wash ghee, rose cardamom shrub, Aperol Soda, Quillaja Saponaria tree foam and generously garnished with rose jelly and a Japanese-inspired cocktail called 1936, made with Pisco, Granny Smith, Yuzu, Orgeat, and garnished with buo sansho pepper, and more!

AZULE is definitely looks like a promising project!

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