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Best waterfront cafes in Goa that can make your evenings beautiful

Goa, the beach holiday destination of India has lots of beautiful cafes, lounges and restaurants which over look the beaches but when it comes to the serene beauty of calm & peaceful waterfront cafes with cozy seatings and good food, there are few.

Goa, amongst all the tourist places in India or primarily north goa, would have a very high density of small and big size eating joints or restaurants which serves local delicacies, sea food, continental and Indian mughlai cuisines. But it’s important to plan your visits carefully and to know the best cafes or restaurants in Goa before you actually arrive. This can help you save a lot of time in unnecessarily driving to cafes which you might end up not liking. So here’s a choice of few of the best cafes in Goa including North Goa and South Goa, the two most favoured locations for tourists.

1. Purple Martini: The Famous cafe in Anjuna has been amongst the favourite places to visit in goa since years and has a mesmerising sunset view overlooking the sea. The cafe has decent food options and has some high chairs overlooking the sea which can make up for a great time with friends and family.

2. The Boho Box: The famous bohemian themed sports cafe of North Goa opened in 2022 and since then has been a favourite amongst youngsters who would love to enjoy a game of pool and lots of indoor games, all the while enjoying a serene river view of the famous Baga creek. Located in close proximity to Baga Beach, the sports cafe, has been ranked amongst the best cafes in Goa with delicious continental and Indian cuisine, many a times since it’s opening in 2022. The cafe boasts of ample private car parking space in its backyard, which is a huge benefit. The sports cafe also screens most of the sports matches live on its screens.

3. Eva Cafe: striking the right balance between sun, sand and the sea is Eva Cafe on Anjuna Beach. The cafe is known for its beautiful view and delectable food. Thronged by people staying near Anjuna and Vagator, the cafe opens early and closes early.

4. The Fisherman’s Wharf: the famous riverside restaurant in South Goa has been quite famous amongst the tourists since long now. The place serves good food and has a beautiful river view to enjoy an evening with friends and family. The place also has ample parking space.

Waterfront cafes have always been loved by millions across the world, and when it comes to India, Goa is a leading name to have beautiful cafes with beautiful river front or sea front joints. We are sure next time your visit to Goa would be better planned.

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