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Breathe with Ease

Air purifiers have become the most important household/ workspace item specially in the metropolitan cities. Ayesha Prasad, AGM- Marketing ,  Kärcher India, talks about the key points to keep in mind while buying an airpurifier 

In India, over 99 percent of the population is breathingairthat exceeds the World Health Organisation's health-based guidelines, posing a great threat to the well-being of people. It’s not just outdoorairthat can be claimed as harmful, but indoorairis also equally responsible for ruining the health of people day by day. Keepingairpurifiers at home or in working spaces can be a great way to ventilate interiors with cleanair. It removes different types of pollutants from theair, thereby reducing the chances of triggering allergies.

Karcher K 5

Air purifiers have become a must-have equipment at every home, office, and other commercial space.

Here are some things to keep in mind while purchasing an air purifier:

· An Air Purifier should have a multi-layer filter system to clean indoor air of allergens, pollutants and pathogens. It should have an automatic mode and performance level to adapt automatically to the air pollution level. It makes an excellent choice on account of its timer function, child-safety lock, silent operation and filter efficiency of 99.95%.

· The Air Purifier capacity should be according to the size of the room it will be placed in. There are various sizes available with reputed brands and before purchase, this factor should be thoroughly looked into so that the purifier can work efficiently.

· Always check for noise levels mentioned and whether the purifier has a low noise and night mode.

· The Air Purifier should be attractive to place within your residence/workplace and portable

· Inside is outside. Whether you’re working from home, relaxing, sleeping or sitting in your office, you must need powerful air purifiers that not only reliably filter out pollen and fine dust that find their way inside when you open the window, but also effectively and quietly remove viruses, household dust, and unpleasant odours from the air in the room. Robust and advanced, new generation air purifieriers comes with laser sensor technology, automatic mode, display, H13 filtration and activated carbon filtration removes pathogens, fine dust, allergens and odours in mid-sized rooms.

· Always ensure that the life of the filter in your air purifier which actually is its one consumable part is at least one year.

· After sales service, electricity costs should also be considered while buying an Air Purifier.


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