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Designer Nitya Bajaj Birla's Spectacular Collection dazzles the runway

With an ode to Ajrakh, a specialised form of block print, the designer marks 10 Years of Creative Brilliance

A night of fashion opulence unfolded as Nitya Bajaj Birla introduced her latest creation, the 'Ajrakh' collection, with the stunning Tara Sutaria gracing the ramp at The Canvas Farms, Chattarpur.

Birla embarked on a captivating journey to reintroduce the timeless art of block printing. Drawing inspiration from its origins in the quaint town of Ajrakhpur, Kutch, India, this collection seamlessly harmonises the age-old craft with the designer's contemporary design sensibilities. It's a mesmerising fusion of India's rich artistic heritage and cutting-edge techniques, eloquently showcasing the designer's distinctive style.

“The artistry of block printing, with its intricate layers of craftsmanship, is profoundly gratifying. It served as my muse to rejuvenate this cherished traditional craft, passed down through generations, by infusing it with the modern techniques embraced by my label. The collection's name, 'Ajrakh,' encapsulates pride and reverence for its heritage, offering a sense of grandeur that transcends gender boundaries and is beautifully reflected in every piece," says Nitya.

The collection offers something for everyone- from traditional lehengas to boho dhotis and kurtas with tassels, from kaftans to chic bralette, shorts and blazer and there is something for the men as well. One can see a harmonious blend of enduring pieces, showcasing a vibrant palette of red, black, indigo, and ivory. These colours come to life across a diverse range of fabrics, including Kora cotton, various silk varieties, Mulmul, Linen, Cotton Gauze, and Satin. Keeping the festive season in mind, this collection introduces broader necklines and feminine cuts, beautifully complemented by exquisite jewellery, offering a complete and elegant ensemble for any occasion.


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