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Epicurean Bliss at Cafe Hawkers

A culinary odessey in Delhi-NCR

This innovative dine-in restaurant is a mosaic of global flavors, harmoniously combining delicious signature cuisines. It effortlessly beckons a dynamic crowd of students and youthful spirits, its ambiance radiating both vivacity and relaxation, while its menu remains gentle on the pocket. Cafe Hawkers epitomizes the adage: "Come hungry, leave delighted." With dual locations to explore and savor – Ambience Gurgaon and Connaught Place – it's the ideal destination for the culinary adventurer.

Cafe Hawkers invites you into a whimsical world of kaleidoscopic interiors that pay homage to the vibrant spirit of street hawkers worldwide. From its decor to the menu, the essence of the hawker theme is embodied in the most delightful fashion. The menu is an exploration of India's street food culture, thoughtfully tailored to the evolving tastes of the modern era. With a profusion of options ranging from indulgent shakes to delectable waffles, sumptuous pizzas to tantalizing Chinese delicacies, every dish is a celebration of diverse flavors. The atmosphere is enlivened with quirky decor and an eclectic soundtrack, making Cafe Hawkers the epicenter of gastronomic trends.

Must-try dishes include Lotus Biscoff Freak Shake, the exquisite Pesto Chicken Pizza, and the delectable Afghani Chicken Momos.

For libations, Cafe Hawkers raises the bar with pitchers of Beer Mojito and Sangria, enticing your taste buds to new heights of satisfaction. If you seek indulgence in a glass, their iconic Freak Shakes will enchant you, each presentation a work of delicious artistry.

We recommend Cafe Hawkers for its exceptional culinary and aesthetic experience.


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