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Get a Taste of Bhutanese cuisine by the Historian Chef, Micheal Swamy at Food Exchange, Novotel Mumbai International Airport

Get ready for an exclusive culinary adventure! Conceptualized with the intent of creating a critical focus towards the culinary industry, VEEN, a Premium Natural Mineral Water brand with origins in Finland and Bhutan, in collaboration with Novotel Mumbai International Airport is proud to present a four-city food festival: 'Bhutan to Bharat—A Culinary Journey with Chef Michael Swamy'

This unique 'Bhutan to Bharat' food festival, a one-of-a-kind experience, will be hosted across India in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore. Starting from [24th May] and continuing until [2nd June] at Food Exchange, Novotel Mumbai International Airport, this event offers food lovers an exquisite array of flavours, textures and aromas, promising to take them on a culinary journey to discover the rich traditions of Bhutan.


Curated by acclaimed culinary expert, author and

wildlife enthusiast Chef Michael Swamy, renowned for his mastery of Bhutanese and Indian cuisines, the 'Bhutan to Bharat' festival promises an unparalleled dining experience celebrating the culinary journey of the two cultures. Chef Michael Swamy expresses his eagerness: "Bhutanese cuisine has so much flavour to offer and hasn't been explored much in India. I'm excited to introduce these beautiful authentic flavours to our guests, curate a menu, and understand where they think the India and Bhutan culinary confluence happens. This menu at Food Exchange, Novotel Mumbai International Airport will be a fusion of shared traditions, fresh ingredients, and amalgamating two nations' cultural richness and culinary diversity".


The curated dinner buffet at Food Exchange, Novotel Mumbai International Airport, will feature a wide variety of carefully prepared dishes such as Ema Datshi—Bhutan's National Dish, Doh Syiar Nei-Iong, and Bak Thuk Noodles with Asian Vegetables.

There will also be live cooking stations showcasing signature dishes being prepared in front of the guests. 


"We are thrilled to host this one-of-a-kind food festival at Novotel Mumbai International Airport. The expertise and knowledge that Chef Michael Swamy brings with Bhutanese cuisine will surely create a memorable culinary experience for our guests," says Rachita Sood, General Manager, Novotel International Mumbai Airport. "Bhutan and India share a deep cultural connection, and this event is a fantastic opportunity for our guests to experience the culture, ingredients, cooking styles and techniques that Chef Michael Swamy will bring to the table", she added.


Mr. Ganesh Iyer, Managing Partner at VEEN - Indian Subcontinent and India's First Certified Water Sommelier, shares his thoughts on the partnership: "In culinary artistry, natural mineral water is the silent conductor orchestrating the symphony of flavours. Through this unique food trail, in partnership with the Accor group, we aim to weave a tapestry of culture, ingredients, and diverse cooking styles paired with Veen, delivering a truly unforgettable culinary experience to your plate."


Dates: May 24th to June 2nd, 2024

Venue: Food Exchange, Novotel Mumbai International Airport

Timing: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Price: INR 1995 plus taxes


For reservations, please contact +91 86578 68650 / 756.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this unforgettable gastronomical odyssey!



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