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Here’s where you can have the best coffee in Gulmarg

by Natascha Shah

Lupin, a boutique hotel located in India’s winter wonderland is a retreat for all seasons, offering a special treat to caffeine lovers

I was recently in Gulmarg, the place where souls of poets and lovers meet in spring to celebrate the beauty amongst the gorgeous Lupin flowers that grow in abundance.

Admiring nature’s infinite blessings; the meadows, the clear blue skies, the fresh air and the blossoms, I felt what would really add to this soulful experience is a good cup of coffee! I love my coffee and have a rather elaborate routine at home, but while travelling in the mountains, I have always struggled to find a good cup.

Surrounded by Lupins

I was recommended a place called Lupin, and I thought how aptly named. It’s a charming boutique property offering comfortable, well equipped rooms, great eating options, a thoughtfully decorated lobby that reflects Sabiq’s (The Owner) fine taste and love for art, culture and history, in the form of artefacts from his travels, placed around the space, and most importantly great coffee.

Their coffee shop Complex Doppio, is a Specialty Coffee Concept thoughtfully curated over years to offer sustainable and Third Wave Coffee from all over the globe. What started as a home setup to explore the limitless flavors of coffee and to experiment with various equipments grew into an unfathomable passion towards coffee. The café therefore is a representation of that curiosity and knowledge.

I tried their Iced Caramel Latte and absolutely loved it. After that I had an Americano, that was rich, bold and smooth. Along with the coffees one can enjoy bakery items.

Cliff, their multi-cuisine restaurant offers an array of food, that one can enjoy while overlooking the most picturesque scenes.

The beautiful lounge

Apart from coffee what really stood out for me is their focus on sustainability and supporting local artisans. Lupin offers each guest that checks-in for a stay, a taste of local ingredients and bounties in the form of a goodies basket that they have created in collaboration with MASHA by Malika, a local skin and hair care brand offering heirloom recipes from the valley. This is a great endeavour by both the brands to protect and promote Kashmir’s rich legacy and natural offerings.


If these aren’t reasons enough then their staff is extremely hospitable and hands on, and does everything it takes to make your experience a memorable one.

Click here to visit their website and plan your stay!


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