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"Home is the first place where our hearts belong."- Make it beautiful with 'The Feel Good Studio'

-Spark Curiosity and Imagination in Your Home Sweet Home with Thoughtfully designed Products and Accessories from a unique online homegrown store, called The Feel Good Studio, which is an environmentally conscious, eclectic company.

Their all-women-led, team passionately works towards providing unique yet ethically sourced, affordable home decor and furnishings. A few of their home furnishings collections are fully customizable in terms of size, design, and style.

They also aim to provide limited custom clothing to their customers at no extra charge to make fashion freedom a more mainstream emotion because if freedom is not a feel-good emotion, then what is? To top it all, their packaging is plastic-free.

They offer some unique products with a decent variety for people looking out for sweet handmade gifts, etc at affordable rates. Their copperware stands out along other collections, such as unique handmade seating, handloom bed covers, recycled sling pouches at the right prices, and of course a vast fabric collection.

It is clear that The Feel Good Studio recognizes how precious and fleeting our homes are and is dedicated to enhancing the lives of our loved ones with its range of thoughtfully designed products and décor.

A comfortable house is a great source of happiness. Check out their range, and it is sure to have you dreaming of your loved ones and your abode. Let’s make home a better place than ever before by having some unique, eco-friendly products from The Feel Good Studio.

"Giving an example of table linen and curtains, while our team was considering fabrics for this new collection, we decided to use net fabric as its elegance in home decor is still highly underrated and underused. It is a beautiful textile and looks very opulent. People realized it when they saw the collection at our store, and it became a super hit overnight! And since the net is not printed, it takes time to get bored of it, creating good value for money. The inspiration behind starting The Feel Good Studio is our very own country and the unbelievable diversity that it offers in every industry and talent. A lot of Indian arts are continuously overshadowed by big foreign retail giants. We wanted to bring Indian handicrafts and handlooms back to the mainstream market because they are as good as, if not better than, the latest trends in home decor and furnishings. Whatever is already available to purchase is not suitable for everyone's pocket because of the overall scarcity and lack of accessibility of Indian goods. We wanted to bring unique yet affordable Indian products to people who have always wanted to live in pretty homes by using what our own country offers. says Sonal Saran, owner of The Feel Good Studio.

The Feel Good Studio aims to provide a slice of India to the world! with an easy, breezy, feel-good shopping experience.

Check out their Website: and start decorating your homes that will only bring you more joy.



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