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How do you like your Gin?

Gin is one of the most ancient alcohols in the world. And in the recent times, there’s been a massive gin revival. Once seen as a bit of a niche drink that was only enjoyed by people that liked gin and tonic, things are now different!

From classics to modern twists, there is something for all tastes and many of the recipes are really simple. Here are some savoury concoctions that you can indulge in with SOCI GIN that brings out the inner bartender in you making you go all out and say, ‘It’s Gin-o-clock!’

Some gin-vigorating cocktails that will sweep you off your feet include the Cardamom Rose Cocktail, the secret ingredient of which is just a flavoursome rose syrup mixed with Gin.

Another awe-spiring cocktail is the Cucumber Mint Gin Cocktail which serves as the perfect brunch drink that will leave you thoroughly pleased.

Next in line is the simplest gin cocktail which includes only two ingredients- Gin Gimlet. Two parts gin and one part lime cordial mixed together and you’re good to go!

Other killer SOCI-gin-infused cocktails that you can make from the comfort of your home include Blood Orange mint gin Fizz, Pink Negronis, Blueberry gin mojito, Gin Daiquiri, Gin-a-colada, and more!


So don’t hold back – get moving on those Gin Cocktails with SOCI Gin from the Garden of Soci and unleash your inner rebel in full swing!



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