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Jamaica is an Art Lover's paradise!

Creative talent and artistic expression are intricately woven into the fabric of this vibrant Caribbean island nation

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From sculptures and pottery to paintings and intricate works of eclectic art, Jamaicans express their talents through both traditional and unexpected presentations. You’ll find the works of our artists on exhibition throughout the many galleries all across the island.

There are many ways to view the works of the local artists wherever you are in Jamaica and whatever you’re in the mood for. The National Gallery of Jamaica is a good place to start. This gallery is located in both Kingston and Montego Bay and is the home of exhibitions that put Jamaican history on display. See relics of a time long gone and learn more about the locals. They also host exhibitions brought to the Jamaican shores by artists around the world. Check to see the latest exhibitions on display.

The Ahhh Ras Natango Gallery is a botanical retreat in the hills above Montego Bay that displays art by three resident artists in a whimsical yet cultural botanical environment. Harmony Hall is the place to see if you’re in Ocho Rios. This gallery has been visited by royalty over the many years it has been open and showcases a wide range of local artists.

In Kingston, seek out Grosvenor Galleries. This location is a popular spot for wellness retreats and roving displays, so always check to see what they have on offer besides exquisite art and handcrafted jewelry.

For a more immersive experience, mark your calendar for the Kingston Art Walk. The bustling streets of the city give way once per month to a vibrant display of music, dance, art, wellness, and tasty treats. This event is set on the backdrop of the gorgeous Kingston waterfront and the many murals that grace the bustling streets of our capital city.

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