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Meet- Raunaq Kakkar, The Maverick Motivator

Albert Einstein famously said: "Failure is success in progress.” 

This proved true for Raunaq Kakkar. After failing at law, Raunaq did the next best thing. He established his first company in 2018 to assist students of law who needed that extra backing and mentoring.  

Thus 'Lawpreneurz' was born. As the name suggested the venture nurtured all the law students to branch out on their own.

In 2018, Raunaq gave his first TED talk inspiring those who wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Success trailed him as in 2022, he established his second venture'Found My Teacher'. An effective and appropriate vertical of 'Lawpreneurz', 'Found My Teacher' acted as a one-stop platform for learning languages predominantly based in the US, the UK & the Middle East.

This was not all.

Raunaq took his personal experience of building ventures to corroborate with like-minded founders on their investment journey of raising funds for their businesses.

In 2012 he was awarded by the Governor of Maharashtra for his work in the education industry.

In 2023, Raunaq was felicitated in Dubai at the Education 2.0 Gala for the same!  

Suffice it to say he kept adding feathers to his cap.

Last year he collaborated with global entrepreneurs from India, the UK and the US.  He successfully helped 250 start-ups such as AI, Education, Agriculture, Logistics, and other diverse industries on their investment journey of raising funds.  ⁠

With an overwhelming response, Raunaq now aims to help 2000 founders in the next year.

Raunaq Kakkar, ​the serial entrepreneur​ (Lawpreneurz, Found My Teacher & MarriedUp) ​is today popularly seen as one who converted his passion project of helping business owners into a successful endeavor​ across industries and across the world.

The journey forward is to assist 2000 business owners in the coming year.




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