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Nonna's Presents Sip Italiano

Nonna's, India's first original sourdough pizzeria, is thrilled to unveil its latest and most exciting addition to the menu - Sip Italiano! A celebration of the Italian way of life, Sip Italiano brings you an exquisite range of Aperitivos and Cocktails that perfectly complement their beloved Neapolitan sourdough pizzas.


Aperitivos, a beloved Italian tradition, is the heart and soul of this enticing menu. Picture yourself relaxing at a café in Naples, savouring delightful drinks that awaken your taste buds and lift your spirits - that's exactly what Sip Italianodelivers!

The Aperol Spritz, a delightful blend of Aperol, prosecco, and a splash of soda, harmoniously complementing the bold flavors of their sourdough pizzas, leaving you yearning for more.

The captivating allure of Campari Spritz, a tantalizing fusion of Campari, Prosecco, and a touch of soda, elevating the taste of sourdough pizzas with each sip.

The Negroni Sbagliato, a tantalising twist on the classic, where the effervescence of Prosecco dances with Campari and sweet vermouth, creating a blissful pairing that surprises and delights.

Treat yourself to the sunny essence of Italy with the Garibaldi cocktail, a zesty fusion of Campari and fresh orange juice, perfectly complementing the flavors of their sourdough pizzas with a vibrant citrus-infused joy.

For a taste of summer passion, savor Si Nonna's Italian take on Sangria, a tantalizing medley of red wine, fresh fruits, and a hint of spice, adding an extra layer of excitement to your pizza experience. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to relish the best of Italy, as their cocktails and pizzas come together in perfect harmony at Nonna's - Vivi la vita all'italiana


To sweeten the deal this monsoon, they've got an exciting offer! Enjoy BOGO on Cocktails - that's right, 1+1 cocktail on the purchase of a pizza. It's the perfect way to elevate your dining experience and enjoy the best of both worlds.


So, whether you're a pizza lover or a cocktail enthusiast, Si Nonna's Sip Italiano is your go-to destination to experience the true essence of Italy.





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