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Parsi Cuisine Reimagined: Neuma and Chef Viraf Patel Introduce The Modernist Parsi Pop-Up.

Karan Johar’s restaurant, Neuma, Mumbai's

beloved epicurean hotspot, announces an exciting gastronomic collaboration, "The Modernist Parsi Pop-up," curated by the exceptional Chef Viraf Patel. This culinary event seamlessly blends the cherished Parsi culinary heritage with contemporary European flair, just in time for the Parsi New Year.


Neuma, renowned for its commitment to culinary innovation, serves as the perfect canvas for this extraordinary collaboration. The venue's exquisite ambiance and dedication to delivering unparalleled dining experiences are the ideal backdrop for the "Modernist Parsi Pop-up." Gaurav Batra, the Brand Head at Neuma, enthusiastically declares, “The Modernist Parsi Pop-up' is a testament to our commitment to redefining gastronomic experiences. This collaboration with Chef Viraf Patel celebrates the cherished Parsi traditions while embracing the innovation that defines Neuma. Join us as we weave a symphony of flavours and create memories that linger long after the last bite."


As a proud Parsi, Viraf's uniqueness is not only a result of his heritage but a channel for his boundless and exhilarating passion, a trait deeply ingrained in his Bawa roots. Now, this fervour finds its expression on the plate, as Chef Viraf skillfully marries his mastery of European cooking techniques with the cuisine of his upbringing.


The absolute banger of a curated menu seamlessly blends timeless classics with a modern twist, ensuring its appeal to both traditional and contemporary tastes.

The Tempura Bombay Duck captures the essence of coastal delights, as crispy textures meet tangy notes, reminiscent of Parsi culinary magic by the shores.The Bharuchi Akoori on Sourdough Toast serenades your senses with its harmonious blend of Raisin Marmalade, Roasted Almond Flakes, and Matchstick Potatoes.

In the realm of Large Plates, the Assorted Lentil ‘Dhansak’ offers warmth, nostalgia, and a taste of time-honoured affection. Kheema Papeta crafts a Parsi melody on the palate, where potato gnocchi dances with curried lamb mince in the warm embrace of green pea puree. Drizzled with pomegranate molasses, Parthian Pulled Lamb is a plateful of Parsi affection, honouring ancient roots with every bite. On the canvas of Brioche Lagan Nu Custard, Zereshk and cranberries engage in a graceful waltz, while caroli tuille and doodh puff provide the concluding artistic touch to this dessert masterpiece.

Meanwhile, the Yoghurt Semifreddo embodies the very spirit of Parsi culture, infusing the warmth of Parsi sev and the irresistible charm of salted caramel, summoning the fond memories of sharing Parsi sweets after a meal.


Chef Viraf Patel shared his insights into the inspiration behind this remarkable endeavour. "Being a Parsi, my connection to my culinary roots runs deep. The 'Modernist Parsi Pop-up' is a labour of love, a manifestation of my devotion to the rich flavours of my upbringing. By blending the intricate Parsi cuisine with contemporary European techniques, I aim to offer an unforgettable gastronomic experience that pays homage to tradition while embracing the present."


Celebrate this Parsi New Year at Neuma, where flavours intertwine, traditions are reborn, and culinary artistry takes centre stage.


Address: 4/6, Garden Chalet, Mandlik Rd, near Regal Cinemas, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400001



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