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Savour Contemporary Cuisine in this Modern All Day Kitchen and Bar in Mumbai

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

By Natascha Shah

All Saints in Khar is the new hotspot for delicious food and dazzling drinks

This inspiring new space takes guests on a culinary journey that promises to excite even the most selective of taste buds. Located in Khar, Owned by Anuj Chugh, Gaurav Parikh, Varun Chugh, and Ketul Parikh - this quaint restaurant is the perfect setting to engage in some heart-warming encounters with your loved ones and embark on a one-of-a-kind gastronomical adventure as you savor every flavor and enjoy some mouth-watering delights put together by Chefs who are no less than Artists, offering a truly special culinary experience.

A great news for the ones who love their liquor, All Saints is one of the first and only restaurants and bars in the city to have three bars, including a special shot bar

Tempura sushi, crisp, fresh and oh-so-good

The food menu showcases some of the most creative dishes from all the regions of the world. Ingredients of which are sourced from point of origin and created to perfection by the stellar Chefs

The Menu

On offer are delectable dishes such as Sliced Crispy Lotus Stem Chips served with assorted house dips, Pad Thai Noodles tossed in a salty nutty and slightly sweet sauce with exotic vegetables, and Burrata and Baby Tomato Caprese made with Burrata cheese, marinated baby tomatoes, basils, and fresh rocket balsamic drizzle. Additionally, the versatile menu also includes Firecracker Chicken Sliders, Edamame Truffle Dimsums, Katafi Mushroom Croquettes, Mexican Spiced Salmon Fish Tikka, Avocado Tempura Sushi, and Pumpkin & Goats Cheese Risotto. The main dishes inckdue Butter Chicken served with Paratha discs, Malvani Fish Curry, a coconut-based fish curry served with ghee rice and Harissa Grilled Ravas made in cilantro, crusted potato, kafir lime butter sauce, and wilted greens, amongst others. To add a cherry on top of a delightful cake, the dessert menu includes treats like Sin Bowl of Joy, which consists of Mini donuts with Nutella drizzle, Callebaut chocolate chips, whipped cream, ice cream, castor sugar and brownie bits, Pancake On The Rocks, and a sinful Tiramisu Basque Cheesecake, amongst others.

We highly recommend this place for a great night out or a relaxed evening. Make sure to get a reservation first as we visited it on a weekday, and it was full! The staff informed us that it's usually full on all days of the week.

Address: Plot-757, Swami Vivekananda Rd, Khar

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