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SAVYA RASA X RED FM ‘South Side Story in Delhi

By TLF Desk

93.5 RED FM, India’s leading private radio and entertainment network announced the return of “South Side Story” - An Ultimate South Indian Experience Festival. The event will be hosted on 4th September, 2022 in New Delhi.

The event will offer a feast of South Indian flavours ranging from the must experience Sadhya curated specially by food partner, Savya Rasa along with engaging experiences for audience like modern day martial art, kalaripayattu, mundu draping, Kathakali dancers and much more


An Eatery that offers the ultimate Epicurean Journey through Southern India

Savya Rasa was created to celebrate the richness of the cuisine and culture of Southern India. More often than not, due to stereotypes, most people outside of Southern India consider Idli, Vada, Sambar, Dosa etc as quintessential South Indian food. However, South Indian cuisine has all of this and so much more to offer. The team at Savya Rasa have travelled extensively across Southern India, researching and learning from local cooks, chef, grandmothers and housewives. These years of research have culminated in a menu that brings to patrons’ authentic dishes from eight regions, each with their distinct cultural identities.

The southern states stretch from the northern borders of Karnataka that touch Maharashtra down to the quiet backwaters of Kerala, to the temple towns of Tamil Nadu and up its beaches into the highly under explored state of Andhra Pradesh. The team of Savya Rasa travelled the length and breadth of South India and selected, to showcase, some of the unique and exquisite cuisines namely Kongunadu, Chettinad, Malabar, Nasrani, Mangalore, Mysuru and Nellore. Cooks were identified from the toddy shops of Kottayam to small restaurants in Karaikudi to messes in Nellore. A year of training, sharing of ideas, and hard work led to the carefully put together menu that one now sees at the restaurant

What is Savya Rasa’s Role in Red FM South side story?

Savya Rasa is their exclusive food curator for SADHYA, Sadhya is the most important partner for the event that offers an experiential vegetarian onam meal with around 30 items served on a Banana Leaf adding to the South side dining at South Side story.

Date: September 4, 2022

Sadhya timings: 12pm onwards

Stall timings: 4pm onwards

“Onam is a festival which marks the harvest season for Kerala. The 10-day festival culminates with a Grand Sadhya meal where families come together and eat. At Savya Rasa our endeavour is to capture the true essence of this festival by preparing a lavish Sadhya fit for a King like Mahabali. With intricately designed Pookalams to enchanting music and a meal which has over 30 dishes, Ona Sadhya at Savya Rasa is line none other. Kerala being a very important part of the culinary heritage of the South and Ona Sadhya being one of the most popular festivals of the region, we at Savya Rasa want to make sure that we create as authentic an experience as possible to make us a one Stop destination for experiencing a Sadhya meal. With cooks from Kerala who join our kitchen team for the Sadhya period, ingredients and spices sourced directly from the region, Sadhya at Savya Rasa is a grand affair and an experience to be had. We pride ourselves in creating the biggest and the most authentic Sadhya in town.”, says Chef Sheik Mohideen, Brand Chef Savya Rasa

RED FM ‘South Side Story in Delhi

After two digital editions, the most awaited and beloved celebration of the South Indian community is back on ground. The event celebrates the various ingredients of South India that makes the region so full of flavour. The audience gets to experience the south in its most authentic form. The 4th edition of the South Side Story will have popular indie bands and music artists like Street Academics, Arivu & The Ambasa Collective, Lagori, Rapper Thirumali, Sirthara, Job Kurian, Agam and Thaikkudam Bridge & Avial. The event will offer a feast of South Indian flavours ranging from the must experience Sadhya curated specially by food partner, Savya Rasa along with engaging experiences for audience like modern day martial art, kalaripayattu, mundu draping, Kathakali dancers and much more.

Speaking on the announcement, Nisha Narayanan, Director & COO, RED FM, and Magic FM, said “We began hosting the most sought-after event to showcase the grandeur of the Southern culture. South Side Story is as diverse and vibrant as the land itself. The event offers a 360-degree exposure into the rich and grand South Indian vibe. Over the years we have been focusing on inclusion and diversity. Our narratives have been consistent and we are truly humbled by the response we have been receiving over the years. South Side Story is an amalgamation of our commitment to build communities, support independent music and to take the festive spirit up a notch higher. South Side Story is an initiative that offers the best of music from various parts of South India, bands that believe in fresh riveting music, food that defines all that belongs to south and with team Red FM who believes in the growth of regional content, nationally and globally.”

The event will see an extensive line up of shopping from South India like, apparels, collectibles, food items and much more. RED FM is happy to associate with Save the Loom, a community group to revive, restore, and restructure the handloom industry in India. Shop for a cause by picking up products from the weavers of Kerala during the event and help them get back to their feet.

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The South Side story is on the 4th September at NSIC Ground Okhla, New Delhi

For those who want to savour the Sadhya again and again, its on the menu at Savya Rasa Saket from 3-8


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