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Say cheers with this summer cocktail

Gaurish Rangnekar, Founder of BarMobile – a portable bar service for premium liquor parties at home and also Partner at various leading restaurants in Mumbai such as HYDE (Kala Ghoda), Aura Kitchen & Bar, T24 shares a specially curated Gintail Recipe

Apart from Running Bars he is also into Lifting Bars as his passion is into fitness and body building. He is an entrepreneur and leader in the hospitality sector and has consulted world's leading firm - The Next Idea as a Managing Director. Gaurish has completed his Wine Certificate Course from Cape Wine Academy, South Africa and mastered the Art of Mixology from New York Bartending School, USA.


“Gin is a distilled spirit that is unique due to its unique refreshing characteristics. It’s distinctive flavor and the possibilities of making various cocktails make it a perfect fit for Summers. The production of gin involves careful craftsmanship and attention to detail. Here is a perfect Gintail with 5 simple ingredients that can be paired with Watermelon & Feta Cheese Salad or any other Pesto dish”

Cocktail Name: Botanical Press


1. 60ML Gin of choice

2. 3 to 4 Basil Leaves

3. 5 to 6 Watermelon Chunks

4. 5GMs Cinnamon Powder

5. Tonic Water


· Make sure all ingredients and the gin are cold

· Add them to the French Press and press as brewing

· Once the gin is muddled and infused with the watermelon, cinnamon & basil strain and serve into a tall glass filled with ice

· Top it with tonic water. Garnish with watermelon spheres


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