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Shout out to icecream lovers-Meemee’s puts the play back into ice cream with Tubst

Old school feeling, thrilling new formats. Ice cream purists maintain that you don’t mess with a good thing. Meemee’s founder Meha Agrawal is among them. Meemee’s is her ode to wholesome, honest, old school, decadent ice cream, on which she puts her own playful and innovative spin.

Meemee’s is distinguished by its full-bodied flavours and adventurous formats such as Toasties and Tubsters. A Toastie is essentially a bite-sized waffle ice cream sandwich or taco in appearance. Each mini treat is packed with Meemee’s signature flavours and topped with chocolate and other crunchy bits.

With Tubsters Meemee’s tugs at the imagination again by layering signature scoops with delicious textured treats and other delectable surprises into a single-serve container. These flavours recall popular and familiar desserts, but in a completely new and unexpected frozen 300ml tub format.

The most celebratory invention of them all is Meemee’s iconic Ice Cream Cakes, which delight ice cream enthusiasts and antagonists alike. This unique creation is the perfect stand-in for regular cake with its alternating layers of rich Meemee’s ice creams, ganache and cake in flavours such as Belgian chocolate and classic vanilla.

Meemee’s journey began with 100ml and 500ml ice cream tubs that lay the foundation of her expanding ice cream repertoire. Flavours such as Brown Butter Almond, Toasted Coconut Macaron, Simply Mango and Mixed Berry Mascarpone have amassed fans across Mumbai.

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