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Taste the Essence of Goa in the Heart of Delhi

Perbacco at The Lodhi, New Delhi Joins Forces with Avo's Kitchen, Goa for an Exquisite Pop-Up Experience

Set amid the cultural riches of Assagao, Avo's Kitchen artfully weaves together the threads of tradition and authenticity, taking you on a journey through the heirloom heritage of the region. The food philosophy of the restaurant is simple: serving homestyle Goan cuisine with a love that brings back memories of sitting at your grandmother's table, highlighting recipes passed down from generation to generation. This transient partnership reveres Goa's quintessential flavours, infusing them with an elevated epicurean finesse that transports diners to sublime realms.

Start off with popular favourites like the Local Tavern Style Prawns pan-fried in a spice mix, and Mushroom Dangar cutlets that are the perfect appetizer for any time of the day. Explore the classic Goan curry Alsande Tonak with Kakdiche Kailoreo which has red cowpeas accompanied by cucumber pancake. Unravel Goa's culinary treasures with main course options like Frango A Cafreal, a delightful fusion introduced by Portuguese and African soldiers, and Ambadyachi Uddamethi ani Xitt Udda, a festive preparation with urad dal, methi seeds, and Indian hog plums that add a sour tinge to the curry. Complete your experience with the well-known dessert Serradura aka sawdust which presents a layered marvel alternating between whipped cream and powdered biscuit, celebrating a traditional Portuguese sweetness beloved in Goa.

Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in a journey of flavours as the very soul of Goan cuisine comes alive with Avo's Kitchen at Perbacco. The signature five-course menu, priced at INR 4500 + GST per person, will be served only during dinner from August 25th to 27th.

Date: 25th August to 27th August
Venue: Perbacco, The Lodhi

For more information on The Lodhi, please click here


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