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The Delhi Glow Up Guide

From your Hair to your nails, here are the places we recommend to get a head to toe makeover in Delhi NCR

Looks Salon PVR Priya Market

Looks Prive's new salon is more than a mere space for beauty treatments – it's a testament to the art of preserving nature's splendour while embracing luxury. From its inception, every detail has been meticulously crafted to reflect the commitment to sustainability. With an unwavering focus on environmental responsibility, the salon employs sustainably sourced and biodegradable materials in its architecture, design, and furnishings.

We tried their Chronologiste Youth Revitalising VIP Ritual for the hair. It included some fancy ingredients like caviar pearls and a great massage! This is for all hair types and basically does to the hair what anti-aging creams do to the skin. We also tried the Naturliv Botanics Pro Enzyme facial which uses all naturalingredients to hydrate and brighten the skin along with repairing the skin barrier-which is a must in today's world of using so many active ingredients and makeup!

Both the services were great!

Address: Priya Complex, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi ( In the same building as PVR Priya)

neoVeda Spa, The Metropolitan Hotel and Spa

When thinking of a Glow up, think deeper than makeup or a haircut, your muscles need pampering and relaxation as well! Hence how can we not have a spa on our list? Based on the concept of new Ayurveda, the NeoVeda Spa showcases the modern translation of ancient Indian knowledge of life and well-being and takes you on a journey of self discovery. Serene surroundings embraces modern and chic designs set in warm earthy and calming aqua tones and is a lavish spa retreat for inner being. Plush 7000 sq. ft. area is home to a state-of-the-art gym and offers an array of classic and modern treatments, massages, scrubs, wraps, facials, baths, foot and hand care, slimming, toning and firming techniques.

We tried their Deep Tissue Massage and felt fully recovered and relaxed! The therapists are warm, friendly and well-trained. The ambience, music and the temperature at the spa is all perfectly balanced.

Address: The Metropolitan Hotel and Spa, Bangla Sahib Road, New Delhi

The Mani Pedi Spa, Gurgaon

A Glow up is incomplete without a good manicure and pedicure! And what about nail extensions? Won't that be icing on the cake?

But the primary concern while choosing a place to do this is hygiene. We have heard so many horror stories about places that don't use good quality products or maintain hygiene- it can cause permanent damage to the nails and even fungal infections.

That's why we opted for TMPS, that has brought international quality hygiene and products to the country. They have three 1,800 Sq ft facilities in gurgaon exclusively dedicated to Hands, Feet and Nail Beauty.

We visited the branch located next to Galleria market. The tools used for pedicure and manicure are disposal and hence high on hygiene. The extensions were done beautifully! Exactly how we wanted and the quality of the products used is great.

Address: click here


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