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The true taste of Punjabi food and culture at Rang Punjab, a Farmer’s restaurant in Amritsar

This beautiful eatery celebrates the rich glorious culture of the Pind and is comfortably located in close vicinity to the Golden temple

Encapsulating the spirit of Punjab, Rang Punjab is the brainchild and labour of love of designer Kiran Dhillon and famed chef Gurpreet Gehdu. As soon as one steps inside the restaurant, the feelings of warmth and love towards the heartland can be felt in the air. Rang Punjab offers visitors a slice of Punjab, showcasing the very best of it, from traditional Punjabi recipes to the most authentic papad, wadi and aam papad as well as homemade sweets, street food and desserts served in an ambience redolent with old-world charm and nostalgia.

Located in a restored administrative building of British Raj from 1866, the 350 covers restaurant consists of three parts, the main restaurant floor, a food souk and a party hall including a capacity of 100. This is surrounded by a veranda with outdoor seating and access to their Grill Bike and Kulfi Bike. The ambiance is carefully constructed to make guests and visitors feel they are walking through the markets of old Amritsar with tiny shops. The interiors also incorporate a lot of polished wood along with crystal and brass origami chandeliers commissioned from India’s top origami artist. “The idea was to keep the place rustic, true to the roots and yet upmarket and stylish,” says Dhillon.

“My roots in rural Punjab and our international exposure helped us create the balance between old-world charm and modern comfort. We didn’t want anything to overpower, instead it had to be in sync with the name, British architecture of the building as well as Punjabi elements of that era.”

The menu is an ode to the true flavours of the Pind of Punjab, offering heirloom recipes, from rustic homemade meals to bikes with hot and spicy street food, cold and creamy kulfi as well as a sharbat bar with a host of traditional beverages (the only one of its kinds) like the Badaam Brahmi and Bazoori. The restaurant also includes a traditional marketplace (food souk) selling Amritsari specialities like aam papad, laddoos and wadi. Every dish on the menu is scrumptious whether it be a platter of Amritsari Chole and Kulche or something as unique as a Lachha palak Soya.

The Rang Punjab tasting platter comprising of Aloo Wadi Pulao, Kujje wali dal, Loon Ajwain Parantha to name a few dishes is literally like tasting Punjab in a plate.

Sustainability is something both Kiran Dhillon and Gurpreet Gehdu see a need for and hold close to their hearts, prompting them to start a farm resort project based on Agri-tourism .alongside the restaurant. All ingredients are sourced directly from the farmers, from the best produce to the freshest dairy.

Rang Punjab hopes to show visitors to the city a detailed cross section of Punjabi food and culture, a one-stop-shop for all things Punjab.

TLF highly recommends this place to everyone travelling to Amritsar.

Call on 98881 66644 to make reservations


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