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Top things to do on Valentines Day in New York City

From romantic events, restaurants, to fun activities for couples, here is a list of things you can do in NYC with your special someone

1.Go on a beautiful winter walk together

Strolling through Central Park can be romantic all year round. But during the month of winter, stroll through the park under snow-covered trees and let yourself be enchanted by the play of lights on the frozen water surfaces in the evening.

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2. Visiting the Statue of Liberty

While the city has several iconic and must-visit landmarks, one of the most popular among them is the Statue of Liberty. Take a romantic cruise around Ellis Island and visit the Statue of Liberty - one of the most iconic landmarks in the United States. Enjoy stunning panoramic views of the New York skyline from the many pedestal observation points at the Statue of Liberty.

3. Ice-skating on Valentine's DayFor a classic, romantic date go ice-skating in New York City and this season there are plenty of opportunities to be outdoors in the crisp air and circling the ice under the stars. You can do so at some of the City’s top landmarks: Rockefeller Center offers a memorable experience in a great setting in front of the city’s most famous Christmas tree or Prospect Park, Bryant Park for a start.

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4. See a Romantic Broadway Show

A musical or play on Broadway is always a good idea, but it can make your Valentine’s Day in New York extra special. Broadway returned to New York City with a bang, premiering dozens of new shows and old favorites like the Lion King, Hamilton, or hit musicals like The Music Man and many more. Also, the NYC Broadway Week has been extended for an additional two weeks, through Feb. 27

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5. Visit Empire State Building 

A very popular location not only to spend Valentine’s Day in NYC but also to propose is The Empire State Building! Just imagine standing on top of the skyscraper, overlooking the rest of the city, while holding and keeping each other warm. They also have special proposal packages curated for your special day.

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6. Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Museum of the City

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Museum of the City of New York with Acapella Singers, Private Tours, Love Yourself Project Origami Hearts, Scavenger Hunt, and NYC Love Stories Family Program.

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7. Enjoy a Romantic Dinner

Right on time around Valentine’s Day, New York Restaurant Week takes place. You can either send a romantic to-go menu to your home or choose from a huge list of participating restaurants. 

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